Friday, August 31, 2007

Guten tag!

And danke, bitte, nein, and auf wiedersehen. And there you have it - my entire German vocabulary.

We got back from Berlin Wednesday night and pretty much immediately jumped into planning the logistics of our Norway trip coming up next week. Now that we've got that out of the way, the goal for this weekend is to upload Berlin pics to the blog. But I'll leave you with this teaser...

When we checked into the Ritz-Carlton, it was seriously VIP all the way. Once they pulled up our confirmation and saw we were staying on the "Club Level", it was like they hit the red button and the swat team went into action. All the sudden, there were people grabbing our bags and whisking us up to the tenth floor where we were immediately introduced to the Club Lounge staff, handed a damp cloth to freshen up with, and served two glasses of champers. Then we were escorted to our room where we were shown how to operate the bedside control panel (that not only adjusted all the lighting and switched on the "do not disturb" and "service please" indicators but also opened and closed the curtains) and introduced to a little slice of heaven called a "Berliner".

On each bedside table sat a little jam-filled pastry, dusted with confectioners sugar and topped with a little amaretto flavored Ritz-Carlton logo. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

It's the only way to travel, people. I highly recommend it.


Beth said...

I'm glad Speedy made it along too!

Rino said...

Personally I think it's awesome at Motel 6 when they leave the light on for me.

Monique said...

Ohhhhhh that sounds LOVELY!