Monday, August 20, 2007

Remember me?

I think I've finally recovered from jetlag. Lucky though I was that a) I had the good sense to pop two sleeping pills during boarding so I slept the ENTIRE flight and b) Jason took the day off work to pick me up at the airport and keep me busy the whole day so I wouldn't crash, I still was in a state for the rest of last week. For whatever reason, going to the US from here is super easy and I regulate pretty much immediately, but coming back over KILLS me and it takes days to recover.

Anyhoobie, here's what we've been up to since I returned...

Being lazy

Celebrating Andrea getting knocked up by showering her with gifts and stuffing ourselves full of red velvet cake

Soaking up some culture seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre*

Getting generally soaked at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre**

(But "all's well that ends well". Har har har!!! I'm just too much for me sometimes what with my Shakespearean puns and all!)

Listening to some N'awlean's style creole music down by the riverside

Watching these fools make arses of themselves dancing to some N'awlean's style creole music down by the riverside

And more being lazy***

*My right eye looks all wonky because of the flash glaring on my glasses, not because I have a wonky right eye. (And NC'ers, yes, you see correctly. Yes I am wearing a turtleneck wool sweater and a wool cardie over it. And yes it is bloody August.)

**As much as it kind of sucked that it rained intermittently throughout the performance, it certainly made it an experience that we'll never forget. And the actors were such troopers, getting positively soaked but carrying on just as if it were a balmy summer's evening. It was the final performance of the season so they were determined to finish it. Not to mention the guy who played Bottom was finally leaving the troupe after playing the role every summer since 1971!

***Seriously? How cute is he??? This is why I forgive him when he meows nonstop, centimeters from my face in the mornings.


andrea said...

I am so glad you could come Saturday! And that you guys didn't float away in the rain Saturday night!

Beth said...

Is Jason sleeping on the floor?!

Beth N said...

Ahh! I've totally seen those dancing guys before... in the park near Embankment. They're hysterical. Here's a pic from our camera phone.