Monday, September 17, 2007

History, schmistory

Guess what, London. I know why summer has suddenly decided to come out of hiding. Because I gave up hope a couple of weeks ago and moved our summer clothes into the guest room and pulled our fall clothes out of storage. Evidently, this single action affected the weather for the entire country. It's like the butterfly effect or something. You know... a girl in Richmond flaps her wings and causes the sun to come out in the Cotswolds. Anyway, you're welcome.

So we decided to get out and enjoy it this weekend. Saturday, we cycled to Richmond Park and stopped at King Henry's Mound. It's the highest point in Richmond Park and is a protected view directly to the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral, 20 kilometers (about 10 miles) away to the East. It's through the center of this cut-out in the hedge.

We see it! We see it!

View to the west - the Thames Valley towards Windsor and Strawberry Hill.

The we rode through the park for a while and took a break at the adorable cafe in Petersham Nurseries. It's a plant nursery, a cafe, a separate posh restaurant and a shop that sells all sorts of gardening things, cook books, and really nice house stuff. Given half the chance (and an AmEx credit card) I could clear that place out.

Just what is Victorian Lemonade, you ask? Well, it's fermented so it's fizzy and very slightly alcoholic (less than .5% per bottle though). Oh, and delicious!

Then we were off to Ham House which, much to our great delight, was free to get into because of some annual open house event at all the National Trust properties.

Cheeky monkeys!

Then Sunday, I went with a couple of girls from my bookclub to Hever Castle because we had just read "The Other Boleyn Girl". Hever was the summer home of the Boleyn family.

Our picnic

The gardens were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The flowers were amazing!

Since I took in so much culture and history and other smarty type things this weekend, I'm going to balance it all out tomorrow by showing up at Selfridges at 9:30 in the morning for the unveiling of the limited edition (...........drumroll please.......) Alice Temperley for Target collection! I know! I could hardly believe it myself! A little piece of Target! Right here in London! This could make my head explode! I mean, I nearly lost consciousness for a few minutes when I opened up the email. At the very least, my vision was temporarily compromised. Let's just hope I make it out of this alive, shall we?

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