Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life in a Whirlwind

As previously mentioned, things have been a bit crazy around here lately. And it's not about to slow down anytime soon so I figured I'd better get while the gettin' is good, so to speak, and post while I had the time. Jason's mom and stepdad left this morning and tomorrow Beth and I are going to Fashion Weekend and Saturday night is Mo and Murray's leaving party and Monday is Jason's birthday and must. breathe. now.

Anyway, here are some highlights of the weekend...

Friday night - The crazy Indian production of A Midsummer Night's Dream we saw at Richmond Theatre (which I would totally recommend but not for your first viewing of AMSND because half of it isn't in English so if you don't know the story, you're screwed).

Saturday - To Salisbury to marvel at Stonehenge

The terror that is known as "An American's First Time Driving In The UK"


Jason and his mom

Like mother, like son

Since Stonehenge is a mecca of sorts for hippies, I did my best dirty-hippie-Lillith-Fair dance

See all the Stonehenge photos here...

Sunday - We road tripped to out Canterbury and Dover with Monique and Murray.

Canterbury Cathedral

Presenting: Murray and Heather starring in "Fun with Street Signs"

More Canterbury photos here...

Life's To Do List: See the legendary white cliffs of Dover. Check.


The Fab Four

I feel like a North Face advert

Rest of the Dover photos here...

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