Friday, September 14, 2007

No way! Oh, yes way! Norway!

Ta-daaaaaaaa! It's The Heather Show comin' at you live from Norway! With special guest appearances by Jason aaaaand well, just Jason really! Buckle up, kids. It's going to be a wild ride!

So, let me just start by saying that, somehow, the stupid, red, ugly poo-poo head date stamp on one of our cameras got switched on so a lot of our photos have a stupid, red, ugly poo-poo head date stamp on them. However, the good news is that Monique's husband Murray, who is seriously the best amateur photographer I know, is going to help us fix them. Three cheers for Murray! But I wanted to go ahead and post about the trip while I had the time so here they are, in all their stupid, red, ugly, poo-poo headed glory...

We left it a bit late booking our hotels for this trip so we were definitely prepared shall I put it?...well, let's just call it "Not the Ritz". So imagine our delight when we found that we were in for a real treat in the form of a "Business Class" room! You thought business class was just for planes? Well not anymore it's not! Notice the lovely placard on the door. Just so no one confuses this with a regular old hotel room. Since we were in a business class room, I decided to get right down to business with some serious fake note-taking.

What exactly are the many benefits to a business class room, you ask? Well, clearly, a Times, a Herald, a Julia Roberts, and a Richard Gere delivered right to your very door.

And we're off to Myrdal to catch our train to Flam. What? A girl needs her Doodles. Fake note-taking really takes it out of me.

The trip really got started with our train trip to Flam on the Flamsbana which is a really cool old-style train. They call it (along with the tracks) "a marvel of engineering" because of the way it winds around the mountain, in and out of tunnels and whatnot. The views are absolutely amazing.

They stop the train at this waterfall for a photo break. I've never seen anything like that up close... Beautiful!

She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes! (Did anyone else sing that song when they were little? Or was that just me? Anyone? Ok, we'll just consider that an inside joke. Between me and myself.)

A little village at the foot of the mountains

So this is a bit blurry because I snapped it while the train was moving but look at how aqua blue that water is. Juuuuust look at it!

The bridge in Flam.

Jason made me do it.

Jason made me do it.

Jason made me do it.

We took a hike in Flam and can you believe we were lucky enough to get to see these brown bears catching fish?!? We were in absolute awe...

HAAA! Gotcha! That's a picture of a photograph from a wildlife exhibit in Oslo! Oh man! That was a good one! You fell for it! I can tell!

The boat we want.

The boat we can afford.

The boat we could afford to ride on for 5 hours.

The view as we were pulling away from the port at Flam...

When the boat was going fast, it was really cold! Those North Face jackets came in rather handy.

That wind is excellent for styling one's hair. Doesn't mine look awesome? You, too, can achieve this look by standing in a wind tunnel for a few hours.

I loved how the clouds would sit just below the mountain peaks.

Some miscellaneous views during the fjord cruise...

Jason in his very cosy and warm Norwegian sheep's wool slippers. I was so jealous. They didn't have any in my size.

Near the end of the cruise the fog settled back in but I love how it made this photo look all hazy and misty.

I'm the king of the world! (Yup. Jason made me do it.)

I really wish I could claim that Jason made me do this but the fact of the matter is that I did this completely of my own accord. In my defense, I wish to state that I had just disembarked from a boat that I had been on for over 5 hours. I claim sea sickness. Oh, what the hell. Walrus tusk straws are hilarious! Admit it!

After a good night's sleep in our business class room, a cinnamon roll the size of my head was a perfect way to start the day.

Some photos taken around Bergen...

We were walking around and came across this bunny-lympics. I'll say that again. We came across the bunny-lympics. This is not a joke. There were actual bunny game competitions going on. Marinate on that for a few minutes.

How lucky is this dog? And how unfair that a dog gets the boat of our dreams.

Back to the airport to fly back to Oslo. Jason made me do it.

Let's just say the hotel in Oslo was a wee nicer than the infamous business class room in Bergen.

However, I do think the housekeeping staff are up to some serious shenanigans. (I swear to you we did NOT do this. It was 100% exactly like that when we walked in. Hand to God.)

Jason made me do it.

My favorite thing about this hotel - a chair in the elevator! A girl can get awfully tired on the long ride from the 7th floor down the the 1st.

The Oslo city hall - Radhuset.

Pics of the harbor area...

A viking ship in the, you guessed it, Viking Ship Museum!

The gates to the Vigelandsparken - a sculpture park. All the statues are by the same guy. And let me tell you, there are A LOT of sculptures in there - 212 to be exact.

By far, the funniest - known as "Little Angry Boy".

One side of the "sculpture bridge".

Some pics around the sculpture park...

And that, people, is it. Dunzo. Audi 5000. Peace out.


Kris said...

I'm just a stranger peeking at your blog.... but I'm dying over your photos. What a beautiful and glorious place! You capture it all so nicely. Hope I can find myself there (sigh) one day.

Beth said...

"Little Angry Boy" looks like the dancing baby from Ally McBeal.

Monique said...

WOW gorgeous photos!
Our family totally sang that song!!! I like the end bit where you put your arm up and pull it down singing 'toot toot'

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Wicked photos Heather - though I wasn't fooled by the bear picture, after all, there was no date stamp!!
We totally sang that song as well - I think she was 'riding six white horses' in the next verse. Or I made that up.
Angry dancing McBeal baby rocks.

Aunt Sandy said...

Have I told you before that I am totally green with ENVY!!!!
I am glad you are having such a wonderful time. The pictures are wonderful.