Monday, September 03, 2007

Not Berlin but hey! Here's what we did this weekend instead!

*Waving shiny things over here so you'll hopefully not remember the bit I said on Friday about posting Berlin pics this weekend*

We had quite a full weekend actually so I have excellent excuses for why the Berlin pics didn't get an ounce of lovin'. Number one is movies. Two of 'em. Knocked Up (Popcorn choking, Diet Coke spewing hilarious.) and Lady Chatterley (Mind numbingly mundane. And I sooooo wanted to love this movie. Seriously high hopes. Dashed.) Number two is this:

The Sorbetto Limone at our favorite Italian place. Scrummy.

And number three is our Sunday excursion to Kew. We cycled on the Thames Path from Richmond to Kew Gardens to see the gardens, the palace, and to have a picnic.

Richmond Lock Footbridge

Kew Palace

Some of the flora in Kew Gardens - ouchie.

Aaaand some of the fauna - the birds were scaring the shit out of me. They must be decendants of velociraptors. I'm dead serious. The run just like them and they communicate in these squawks and hissing sounds and, as you can see in the photo (on the one on the left), when they get riled up, they get this weird thing of feathers around their head.

Queen Charlotte's cottage - This was her "picnic house". No one ever actually spent the night there. There was a big room upstairs that overlooked the gardens and was painted with lots of flowers to give that outdoorsy feeling. What? You thought royals picniced outdoors? Pshaw.

Jason's pet project during our own picnic - trying to capture the water droplet on the blade of grass.

Next was the Japanese garden section.

Kew Pagoda. Currently closed for rennovations so we couldn't go to the top unfortunately. But hey! Guess when they hope to reopen? 2009! And hey! Guess when we leave London? 2008!

Here's where things start to go a little hazy. I don't know if it was all the consecutive hours of nature taking thier toll or that purple leaf I ate on the walk by the lake.

Aye, aye, Cap'n! (Crunch, that is.)

You can't catch me!

Shhhh, I don't think he sees me.

I think this wheel opens up the roof. Very tempting. They're just asking for it putting that thing right at my eye level.

And finally the high wears off.

This is in the Temperate House where they have like seven different climates or something. I don't know. The whole thing felt the same to me. Then again, I'm not a plant. Anyway, betcha can't guess what this is. It's a Japanese Banana. Those crazy Japanese. First it was Pokemon, now this...

Here's the little pond in the Japanese section. There were a few carp in there but they weren't moving so I asked Jason if he thought they liked living here. He said he didn't think there was capacity for the "like" and "dislike" feelings in fish brains, only "is". I totally disagree. I saw Finding Nemo like eighteen times.

"Breaker breaker ten four. We've got a situation here. She's dropped to her knees to smell a Magnolia bloom. I think that means it's time to go. Over" "Roger that."


Suze - Manchester UK said...

Is Knocked Up really that good? Despite the hollywood formulaic rom com staple it appears to be, the critics are raving as well. I think it's going to have to be another Orange Wednesday if so...

Mom said...

Very cute!!! Thanks for the chuckle...I needed that this morning!! :) Sounds like you and Jason had a very nice weekend and by the way, I love the pictures but I really love your captions!! Hang in there and I love you!!

A Novelist said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a great time! :)