Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh no she did-in't!

Oh yes I did. I finally got round to sorting through the Berlin photos and documenting this trip proper.

As I mentioned before, we stayed at the loverly Ritz-Carlton and let me tell you, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Berlin is a great city but it's definitely a CITY. Some areas are noisy, trafficy, dirty, and all those things that cities are. So it was nice to have an oasis to go back to at the end of the day.

Shall I refresh your memory on exactly how the stay at the Ritz commenced? Good gravy, I can still taste that Berliner...

And when I say oasis, I'm dead serious. We would come in, put on our swimsuits and head straight for the pool and jacuzzi. It was heaven.

And this, I loved... Although I'm not so sure how I feel about being referred to as "and partner". (By the way though, that's what they call all husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. over here - "partner". Just so there's no confusion that I'm Jason's "domestic life mate" or anything...) And umm, also? Mr. Fabian? Ass Manager? You might want to consider adding a "t" to your abbreviation for "assistant". Just sayin'.

Our first stop on the day of our arrival was the Jewish memorial down the street from our hotel. It was really striking and especially so in the late afternoon sun.

Gimme a smooch.

And now be gone with you!

The church in Lustgarten (Which means pleasure garden and no not that kind of pleasure you filthy minded guttersnipes. Just a term for a garden designed and planted simply for one's relaxation.)

These "Buddy Bears" were all over the city. They're sort of like the symbol of Berlin and the purpose is to promote tolerance and peace.

See, I wasn't kidding...

We were so lucky that the day we arrived just so happened to be a special night where all the museums are open all night long! So we went out at around 10:00 to check it out and stayed out till about 1:00. This was the view from the top of the church in Lustgarten.

Oh brother. Let the games begin.

A tasty reward for a hard night's museuming.

Our S-Bahn station - Potsdamer Platz.

And a train whizzing by.

Me with a chunk of the Berlin Wall.

More Buddy Bears. They each represent a country.

I was all, "Hey, what are the freaking chances that the US and UK bears are next to each other?!?!?" And then I was all "Well, pretty freaking high I guess, if the bears are arranged by country in ALPHABETICAL ORDER." I'm astounded at myself sometimes.

We went into this amazing chocolatier and they had models of lots of the Berlin landmarks sculpted from chocolate. This is the Kaiser Wilhelm church that was mostly destroyed by a WWII bomb and left that way to serve as a memorial.

Bad boy bad boy, whatcha gonna do? Strangely enough, they had these American police cars on display as part of an exhibit on New York.

This building is their parliament.

Brandenburg Gate

Close-up of the top

When we got back to our hotel, they were shooting an ad in the lobby - pretty cool!

Sunset from our room window.

Kaiser Wilhelm church - old and new. The geometric building is the new house of worship that was built to replace the bombed old one.

Checkpoint Charlie - where people passed between East and West Germany on their 24 hour passes while the Wall was still up.

Colorful buildings

Short sight-seeing day today because we were booked for afternoon massages at the La Prarie spa at the Ritz.

On our last full day, we traveled out to Potsdam. This is an open air museum of the Russian Colony houses.

My wee kitty friend, Russkie.

Sans Souci palace

The awesome and super-stylish shoes they made us wear inside the palace. I very nearly turned around and walked straight out when I saw them. Vile.

The Chinese teahouse in the gardens. I'm totally gettin' me one of them.

The top of the teahouse

In the gardens

And the light of the Lord shone round about her

Palace Blah-Bleh-Dee-Blah-Blah. I could have cared less at this point...

...for I was so over the walking.

Tell me about it bro. I feel you.

I was slightly re-energized at the sight of this, however. It was just a homemade sticker on the back of a sign. I have no clue what is going on here but that is some serious funny.

But this is what really did the trick for me. Oh my heavens.

The view of the Sony Center from our room. The last night :-(

On our last day we had lunch at a so so so yummy Mexican place. (Thanks for the recommendation, Janice!) This may be the first burrito I couldn't finish.

If I could sum up Berlin in one sentiment, it would be "Old and New". Everywhere you look, there's the juxtaposition of old classical buildings and shiny new architecture. (That's the TV tower. We didn't go up in it but there's a revolving restaurant at the top. How so very 80's!)

Back to the airport. Peace. I'm audi.

Click here to see the whole photo album.


Janice said...

Pleased to see you liked the burrito place, looks like you had a great time in Berlin!

dawn said...

Wow, when you guys take a trip, you really take a trip. I'm always impressed how you just "up and go" places. Fun blog.

Monique said...

Wonderful Pics!!! Looks like you had a great time:)

Beth said...

I'm getting a little concerned that Speedy is travelling more than I am. But your pics seal the deal, we have to go to Berlin soon!!

A Novelist said...

Great pictures! The one at the Berlin Wall is tres cool. Berlin looks like a fun city. :)