Thursday, September 13, 2007

Talkin' 'bout my g-g-g-generation

Okay. So, even though there's a hundred other things I ought to be doing right now, I'm sitting here watching the MTV VMA's. And yes, I know that I'm 30, but I'm 30-going-on-18 thankyouverymuch. Which brings me back to my original point...

So, I'm sitting here watching the MTV VMA's and I have some thoughts. I shall list them now.

1. Anyone else think this particular broadcast of the VMA's was specially designed for the ADD generation?? They keep jumping from snippet to snippet of performances from the "VIP Suites" in the Palms and other than Britney's train wreck of an opener, I don't think they've showed a single performance in it's entirety. Whazzup??

2. Umm, Chris Brown? I kow you're the darling of the hip-hop world right now but I have a little memo for you RE: Your Performance. The whole "puppet" thing? That's been done. Seven years ago. Remember a little group called NSync? Their 2000 album and tour called No Strings Attached? Hmmmm. If I recall correctly, and I do because I was there for it two nights in a row - first in Greensboro then Raleigh, they opened their concert by first appearing as puppets on strings and then all the sudden the strings snapped and they came alive. And turned the mother f'er OUT. So, maybe do your homework, hmm?

More earth-shattering, universe-altering observations to come as the show progresses....

...and the show progresses, just as I suspected...

3. Quoi??? Que?? Che??? WHAT??? Fall Out Boy just beat White Stripes for best group?? Isn't that one of the seven signs of the apocalypse?

4. OHMYGOD!!! Mary J. Blige just said "Fifty Cents" instead of "Fifty Cent"! Bwahahahahaha!!

5. YO. Mr. JT can DANCE. Fo' rizzle. Mmmmm, tasty. Goodness gracious! I am all aflush ovah heah! (Y'all love how I went from ghetto hip-hop queen to Scarlett O'Hara there? I'm Tyra Banks!)

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Steph said...

i needed that.

thank you.

Sizzle Z Dawg