Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Four years of wedded bliss

J is for JUST how awesome you are.
A is for ALL the nice things you do for me.
S is for SWEET. Because, well, you know, you are.
O is for OUTRAGEOUS. And if you need proof, see the photo below.
N is for NOTHING because that's what I'd change about you.
(Well, except for maybe how you always leave your clothes in a crumpled mess next to the bed. But that's hardly worth mentioning.)

Click here to see last year's Ode to Jason.

So tomorrow, we leave for Bordeaux to celebrate four years of putting up with each other's shit yet still finding a way to love each other more and more every single day. I can't wait. We're staying in a beautiful chateau (see below) and are going to tour wineries and taste wine and drink more wine at dinner and maybe even have wine at breakfast and possibly take a bath in wine.

Where we're staying - the Chateau Lamothe Prince Noir

Au revoir!


A Novelist said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you both have a wonderful time away... :) xoxo

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Sooo jealous - that looks fabulous!
Happy Anniversary!

Beth said...

Well I for one am green with envy! Hope you guys have a great time.