Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason!

I woke Jason up exactly how I prefer to be woken up on my birthday... bearing food and presents.

I think he liked his gift... Curses to you Apple. You've got me again. You and your fancy 3rd generation Nano. Zing.

"Mommy sed I can sit in this anteek Indian bowl on speshul occashuns. Your burfday is speshul occashun, no?"


A Novelist said...

Very nice! Happy Birthday Jason. Hope he has a great day! :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Beth N said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! You have a rockin' wife who not only hooked you up with a killer breakfast but she matched the mat, the wrapping paper, AND the card envelope. Impressive.

Our cat sleeps in our Indian bowl as well. How strange!

Muz & Mo said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jason!!!!!