Monday, October 01, 2007

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Saturday night was Monique and Murray's official leaving party and while it was loads of fun, you can't help but think about the reason for the get-together in the back of your mind the whole night. Monique was my very first girlfriend in London. It was partly because of her friendship that I got over my homesickness sooner than later. She helped me make it through my first Thanksgiving away from home when she called me out of the blue after only meeting me once and said she had a free extra ticket to go to a taping of TRL at the MTV studios in Leicester Square that night. That one gesture meant the world to me at that point and I'm forever grateful. All it took for us to bond was a few different evenings talking over (always) a little too much wine. And over time, the four of us became really good friends. And now we say goodbye.

That's the thing about expat life though. It's transient. You move in. You make friends. But you know that at some point, they'll leave or you'll leave. The great thing here, though, is that Mo and Murray are traveling through the Americas before settling down in Australia and they'll be coming through North Carolina at the end of the trip, right about the time we'll be moving back home. So, for now at least, it's "See you later" instead of "Goodbye".

At least we went out with a bang!

Me and Mo

A Murray sandwich!

Lorraine (Murray's niece), Me and Murray

A little Harlem Shake never hurt nobody.

I have no words for this picture. It speaks for itself.

Note to self: At some point during evenings out, perhaps I should take time out from "dancin' it out" to relieve Jason of his photographer duties so that he may actually APPEAR in some photos instead of documenting the Heather Show all evening. Sheesh.

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Muz & Mo said...

Ahhhhhhhh GREAT pics:) Thanks for the kind words - you have been a great friend to me & I look forward to seeing you guys next year in Carolina! Enjoy your last year in London!! & see ya soon :)