Sunday, October 28, 2007


Two tickets to charity gala ball: ₤190.00
Royal blue crepe de chine ballgown from Coast: ₤145.00
Silver satin slingback shoes from LK Bennett: ₤129.00
Art deco style bead and satin clutch bag: ₤45.00

Finding a convenience store open at 1:30 AM that stocks Doritos: Priceless

My first charity ball has come and gone and I must say that I learned a very important lesson. And that lesson is this: It is very difficult indeed to list yourself for an event as a vegetarian when you hate mushrooms. The options were essentially "beef with beef sauce" or "mushroom medley encased in a mushroom crepe with pureed mushroom sauce topped with diced mushrooms and mushroom shavings". Awesome. At least there was chocolate for dessert.

Rino and his bitches

Doesn't he look precious in a tux?

The belles of the ball


Beth said...

Fun! And I love the colour of that dress.

London said...

looks like spectacular fun!

London said...

opps sorry, it's me, London Southern Belle :)

Steph said...

You look so beautiful! Great color!

aunt sandy said...

uuummmmmm ya think i could borrow that lovely dress??? I'll trade you a couple of bags of Doritos.