Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When katz blog

Okay peeple. This is Elwin heer. I has taking over my mommy's blog to take the opurtoonity opartuneity show yoo all what thay r dooing to me. Kan yoo beleeve this? Will sumbody pleese kall child protektive servises??? Mommy sez it's all in good fun but I don't see her dressing up in reedikulus reedicoolus stoopid Santa Claws coztumes, yoo no? (Unless u kount her stoopid raindeers pijamaz pujammas outfit.) So, I'm kounting on yoo all to being helping to me, okay?

"Ho ho ho motherf***ers."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reindeer jammies and other festive things

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's officially appropriate to go ahead and get your Christmas decorating on. And so we did. Tummies full of Turkey Day leftovers, with my reindeer jammies on and Miracle on 34th Street playing in the background, we commenced with my favorite activity of the entire year. Hauling out the holly. Decking the halls. Donning now our gay apparel.

Complete with the infamous empty wrapped boxes of 2005!

Carefully.... carefully...

Oh crap!

Just kidding. I didn't really fall. Jason was trying to take the picture on manual setting and if you make the slightest movement, it goes all blurry. We just thought it was funny that it looked like I was falling smack into the tree, Chris Farley style.

Two of my favorite ornaments - a London bus and a wee tube car. (Both designed by Michael Peterson of BombkiBaubles.com)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Awww shucks, y'all

Lil' ol' me has been bestowed with the honor of a "You Rock the Crib" award by not one, but TWO bloggers, Suze and A Novelist. And I'm supposed to keep spreadin' the love and pass it on to others. Now, assuming I can't give it right back to those who gave it to me ('cause I totally would), I, the great and powerful Oz, award this most coveted prize to the following bloggers:

Beth at Shenanigans because she has the ability to make me laugh with very few lines of actual text sometimes. And I love her mom, despite the fact that I've never met her. (The fact that Beth asked her for scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and was subsequently turned down and offered a grilled cheese sandwich made me snort Cap'n Crunch a little.)

Stephanie because she's so darn cute I just want to pinch her little dimpled cheeks.

Monique and Murray for their travel blog because I've never stared with awe at some photos and winced in virtual pain at others in a single post so many times.


Andrea because there are very few people who are as sarcastic as me and she's one of them and I love her for it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heather go bye-bye

So, umm, yeah. I kind of just disappeared for a week, eh? Where did I get off to? I'll give you some hints:

And if you still don't know after all that:

Today, I'm recovering and getting ready for Thanksgiving. We're having Andrea and Lee over for a proper Turkey Day meal. Should be interesting. Mainly since I can't cook. But I can mix a mean Fall-tini. So my plan is to dull the tastebuds with alcohol. Sorry, Andrea. Since you've got a bun in the oven, yours will be vodka-free so you'll have to cope with the food armed with nothing more than spiced up apple juice in a martini glass.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guinness Fest 2008

So, pretty much exactly 48 hours in Dublin and we managed to consume 21 pints of Guinness, visit 11 pubs and tour exactly ZERO sights of cultural significance. The theme of the trip was basically "If you ain't be servin' up the Guinness, we ain't be comin' there."

Case in point: The very first thing we did upon dropping off our bags at the hotel was find a pub in which to eat. Trouble was, it was only about 11:20 AM so no one was serving lunch yet. Wait. Did I say "Trouble was"? What I meant was, "Lucky for us..." So we found ourselves a seat and ordered two pints of the black stuff to pass the time till noon. As they say, "It's five o'clock somewhere".

So, although we didn't make a point of stopping to tour any historical or culturally significant sights, we did happen to pass by a few of them as we were making our way between pubs so a few of those pictures will be sprinkled here and there throughout the post. This is the Ha' Penny bridge. Done. Next.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. This wasn't actually a pub, but if there's one thing better than the place that pours the Guinness, it's the place that actually makes the Guinness.

The adult version of the milk moustache

The famous toucan

It's scary how easily I blend into this picture.

Doctor's orders! (In all seriousness though - or at least as much seriousness as I can muster - the advertising display was our favorite part of the tour. Really interesting!)

A drink at The Brazen Head

Ireland's Oldest Pub (or so they say)

O'Donovan Rossa Bridge (correct me on that if I'm wrong, Beth) lit up at night

A nice view of the city over the River Liffey

Temple Bar area in the early evening. That is to say, before the surrounding streets are dotted with little puddles of vomit.

Our Musical Pub Crawl tour guides. They were really great. It sounds like such a cheesey, touristy thing to do but it wasn't at all and it ended up being our favorite thing of the trip. They gave us some history on Irish music and the instruments and played lots of traditional Irish tunes. All while we poured pints of Guinness down our throats. Magical! Plus, we got the lowdown from them on which pubs were good to go to for real, authentic music and which touristy ones to avoid.

Saturday morning, we very respectably decided to take a stroll through St. Stephen's Green as opposed to hitting up a pub at 10:00 AM.

Here's Jason with the genius but totally-bat-shit-crazy James Joyce. Seriously, if you know anyone who says they have finished his novel Ulysses, they're lying. Everybody's started it but nobody, NOBODY, has the wherewithall to finish it.

"Whistle, whistle... Nothing to see here... Whistle, whistle... Definitely not standing here next to a topless statue... Whistle, whistle..."

Wellington Monument, or more correctly Wellington Testimonial since Mr. Duke of Wellington was actually alive when they erected it. Hee hee. I said "erected". (And yes, that is indeed the gentleman for which the eponymous rain boots were named.)

On the bus tour going down O'Connell Street, I saw this awesome statue. It's Jim Larkin, a worker's rights activist, but that's totally beside the point. Look at his arms! And that face!

No captions required.

So we came back to the Merrion to take a pre-pub crawl nap and I walked into the bathroom to discover all my toiletries lined up like soldiers ready for battle. I can assure you this wasn't my doing. When I last saw said toiletries, they were scattered about on the counter like soldiers after a battle. A battle against the effects of aging, sun-damage, and stinky pits, that is.

The two actors on the Literary Pub Crawl who took us around and (very comically) performed bits from different works of literature which were penned by some of Ireland's most famous authors and poets. Another really fun evening!

Two perfect pours.

Back to O'Donahue's for more Guinness (shocking!) and real traditional Irish music. This was one of the two pubs recommended by the Music Pub Crawl guys.

Me with Molly Malone. I don't know what it is with this city and its girly-show statues. I mean, look at that rack!

The Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square. I would highly recommed reading up on his life if you're unfamiliar. He was a rather interesting character to say the very least.

"Excuse me Mr. Bear, could you please turn off all electronic devices, stow your tray table and buckle up in preparation for take off?"

These are some random shots I took from the airplane as we were flying back into London. It was so cool how you could so clearly see the landmarks. Even though the photos aren't exactly top quality since they're taken from, you know, the freaking SKY. There's Tower Bridge. (No, Fergie. Not your London London Bridge.)

And London Eye

Westminster area around the Thames

Rest of the photos here.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gourmet Mis-adventures

Back from Dublin. Roughly five pounds fatter, mind you, but back all the same. When we got back to the casa, we piled down to catch up on our TV shows and after watching the Top Chef finale, I was inspired to create a dessert.

I present "Puffed sugar parcels on bamboo skewers toasted and flambèd over open fire":

Beware... The perils of urban camping adventures:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The luck o' the Irish

Like most guys who hail from Boston (or virtually anywhere in Massachusetts), Jason is convinced he's Irish. I, personally, think he's about as much Irish as I am Swedish. However, maybe it's true afterall...

How else do you explain that on GMTV's online weather, there are nothing but big yellow suns splashed across Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the city of Dublin? And that this just so happens to be the very weekend we up and decided to pop over to Dublin for a short trip?

I don't know... Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Well, fingers crossed that the forecast holds!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This just in

New bumpy pumpkins arouse suspicion in local community, suspected of masquerading as festive fall decor.

"I don't know what's going on here yet, chief but I'm going to crack this case wide open. Wide open!"