Thursday, November 22, 2007

Awww shucks, y'all

Lil' ol' me has been bestowed with the honor of a "You Rock the Crib" award by not one, but TWO bloggers, Suze and A Novelist. And I'm supposed to keep spreadin' the love and pass it on to others. Now, assuming I can't give it right back to those who gave it to me ('cause I totally would), I, the great and powerful Oz, award this most coveted prize to the following bloggers:

Beth at Shenanigans because she has the ability to make me laugh with very few lines of actual text sometimes. And I love her mom, despite the fact that I've never met her. (The fact that Beth asked her for scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and was subsequently turned down and offered a grilled cheese sandwich made me snort Cap'n Crunch a little.)

Stephanie because she's so darn cute I just want to pinch her little dimpled cheeks.

Monique and Murray for their travel blog because I've never stared with awe at some photos and winced in virtual pain at others in a single post so many times.


Andrea because there are very few people who are as sarcastic as me and she's one of them and I love her for it.


Suze - Manchester UK said...

Totally agree with your choices. Am super jealous of Mo and Muz, but am glad she's still blogging on vacation.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Suze x

andrea said...

Your comment about Mo and Muz is so on spot - I am like 'wow!' followed by 'yikes, I could never do that!'.

And while I appreciate the honor, I am lucky if I am half as funny as you are!

Steph said...

thanks for the shout out!! I feel so loved!!

i think you're the