Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Extravaganza

I must admit that although this Halloween wasn't quite up to par with last year's, it was still pretty awesome.

We still had the Halloween playlist playing and we still had mulling spices mulling but some things were a bit different...

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Halloween is the official kickoff for the Charlie Brown trilogy of the festive season.

Instead of Chili Con Carne, we had Spicy Black Bean Soup Sans Carne and Con Sour Cream.

And instead of candies and ice cream, we had chocolate chip cookies.

And we watched a spooky show about the ghosts and strange goings on of the London Undgerground. I never thought about it but now that someone has said it, of course loads of gravesites have been disrupted thoughout the construction of the Tube network. Unmarked mass graves (likely from the black plague or some such...) and formal graveyards alike. I certainly wouldn't want to be in one of the old tube stations on the Bakerloo line after hours.

And the morning after... I spotted one yesterday afternoon and got way more excited than was probably acceptable. So this morning, Jason and I decided to ring in the Redcup season proper with a trip to Redcup Headquarters. I tried the new Creme Brulee lattee while boring old Jason got a cappuccino with a double shot.

Ok, that's it. Baseball is over, Halloween has come and gone. I officially have no more excuses for not posting the Bordeaux photos. I promise they'll be up tomorrow. Scout's honor, cross my heart, needle in the eye and all that jazz.


A Novelist said...

I CANNOT WAIT for Redcup season to begin in NYC! Oh, and Creme Brulee lattes....? That is a new one that I can't wait to sink my mouth into!!! ;)

Beth N said...

We watched the Haunted Underground show as well...totally creepy! One more reason to avoid it at all costs. Oh, and I saw the Red Cups yesterday. I got really excited until I realized they raised all their prices as well. Merry Christmas. I'm going to send them a strongly-worded letter ;)

Catherine said...

And you made fun of my Christmas music collection?????