Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heather go bye-bye

So, umm, yeah. I kind of just disappeared for a week, eh? Where did I get off to? I'll give you some hints:

And if you still don't know after all that:

Today, I'm recovering and getting ready for Thanksgiving. We're having Andrea and Lee over for a proper Turkey Day meal. Should be interesting. Mainly since I can't cook. But I can mix a mean Fall-tini. So my plan is to dull the tastebuds with alcohol. Sorry, Andrea. Since you've got a bun in the oven, yours will be vodka-free so you'll have to cope with the food armed with nothing more than spiced up apple juice in a martini glass.


Suze - Manchester UK said...

Gas guzzling SUVs... Target... car on the wrong side of the road? I'm guessing Germany. Or the US :)
Welcome back! While you've been away, you've won an award (see my blog for details, though you might have to scroll for a bit).
Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow! Hope you guys have fun.

Suze x

A Novelist said...

I hope you and Jason have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday!!! ;)

Aisby said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a fabulous trip to Raleigh.

Steph said...

oh man that chick-fil-a is looking tasty right now.

have fun at home!!!!

Beth said...

Seriously? We so should have met up!