Friday, November 02, 2007

Trip to Bordeaux... Or "Dude, Where's My Wine?"

Finally. Here we are. I had a showdown at the OK Corral with iPhoto and iPhoto nearly took me down. But I came back, guns a-blazin' and showed iPhoto who's the boss, applesauce. Then, Blogger decided to take advantage of my distraction and came at me from behind. Although I was temporarily blindsided, I regained composure and made Blogger my bitch.

We arrived in Bordeaux round about lunch time and decided to drive to the little town of St. Emilion for lunch and a leisurely afternoon of slugging back wine, navigating the cobblestones of death, and slugging back more wine. A lethal cocktail, it was.

This is me trying to look all casual while navigating the cobblestones of death but I had a cold, dead kung-fu grip on that wall. Seriously? If someone had warned me about all the cobblestones of death in St. Emilion, I would've worn my Converse All-Stars. At least they have some traction. Much unlike GreyBoots McSlippington I have on.

And since we were both exhausted from waking up early for the flight, we opted for a picnic dinner at our chateau of cheese, grapes, bread and wine.

I was partial to the baguette.

The next day, we had a appointment for a tasting at Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Now, I wasn't really "aware" but this is "kind of a big deal". Apparently it's pretty difficult to get an appointment unless you book way in advance (and I think we all know where I stand on doing anything way in advance).

Now, one of the interesting things about Mouton Rothschild is that every vintage (that's fancy wine-talk for "year"), they have a different label and many of them have been designed by very famous artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Piccaso, etc. This one was used everywhere in the world in 1993 with one exception. You guessed it. The United States. Our guide said they found it indecent and the labels in the US were simply blank at the top. After we got a good look at it, Jason made an observation. He said, "Maybe the US thought it was indecent not because it's a drawing of a nude girl, but possibly because she looks to be about 8 or 9 years of age." Excellent point, my good man. Seriously, look at her. It's true.

After tasting wine that nearly rivals a Louis Vuitton bag in terms of cost, we went for lunch and I ordered the moules e frites. I could NOT believe the size of the dish. This photo doesn't even do it justice. Before:

And after:

Then, it was on to Chateau Lynch-Bages for our afternoon tasting.

Now, I'm aware that no sweater will ever take the place of Beige Sweater, but Beige Sweater Jr. is sure as hell going to give it his best try.

Jason said he needed a new screen saver. Nice. Someone please remind me why I put up with this. (In other news: I can't believe I just posted a photo of my wide load.)

Aaaaand the reaction shot when I realized he wasn't walking beside me and turned around to catch him in the act. I swear on a stack of Vogues that that's my actual reaction expression/stance. (Go on, click on it to blow it up and have a look at my mug. You can't make this stuff up.)

The dog at a private chateau we stopped at for an unscheduled tasting. This is a four month old St. Bernard. FOUR. MONTHS. OLD. This dog is as big at four months as my Collie was when she was full grown. We almost died when he came in and the lady goes, "Oh, it's the puppy!". We were all "Sawhat? Puppy, you say?"

Some photos from the drive back to the chateau...

And some we took that afternoon of the chateau where we stayed...

At dinner that night the ugliest freaking dog kept running around the restaurant. It was all mangy looking and had bald spots and these crazy teeth... But it was one of those situations where it's so ugly that it's cute.

Although after some further reflection, perhaps that point is debatable.

The next morning leaving for our tasting appointment. We couldn't stop taking photos of our chateau. It was just so stunning.

Chateau La Louviere

After our tasting, we drove to Bordeaux (the city) for the rest of the day. We loved it! It's kind of like a little version of Paris.

Ummm, honey? I think we took a wrong turn somewhere...

Today it was Jason's turn to gorge on mussels and fries.

While I thought I was being a good girl by ordering salad, again I was dwarfed by the size of my plate.

A street in Bordeaux

We stumbled across some kind of carnival and I kept seeing people walking around with cotton candy. Of course, I had to have one so we finally found the stand. They were actually making them to order and you could pick your size so Jason ordered the large. She just kept on swirling it around and we couldn't believe how big it was getting. When it was finally roughly the size of a small cumulus cloud, she stopped. And voila! My very own Marie Antoinette wig.

My victory dance when I finished it...

Some random photos around the city...

They had this amazing fountain-ish thing that did all sorts of cool stuff. These are shots of it as the spouts (which were imbedded in the ground so they were flush with the surface of the concrete) slowly leaked out and made a thin sheet of water.

Then it did this thing where the spouts sprayed a super-fine mist of water. It looked like fog!

"Give it to Mikey. He'll eat anything!"

Our last day, we visited what turned out to be our favorite chateau - Chateau Mauvezin. It was run by this one guy who had taken over the business from his father, who had taken it over from his father and so on...

The barrel room

Let's play "Spot the Bottle of Wine"


Wine school

We graduated!! We are now officially qualified to get wasted!

Taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere one last time.

Dinner at L'Envers du Decor. I love that it says "English spoken with a French accent".

Au revoir mon plus belle chateau!

And now... I'm soo tyred uf louking at these skreen that I'm nut profreeding it. Hope you like grammatical errors and mispellings!

Rest of the photos here.


andrea said...

That dog is so ugly it is just ugly. It was okay till the teeth. But the St Bernard is adorable!

Glad you had fun!

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Sooo jealous - looks like a wonderful weekend. How long does it take you to load all those photos!?

A Novelist said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love the one with you and the cotton candy...very Marie Antoinette. ;)

Beth said...


Heather said...

Suze - way longer than I'm willing to admit :)

Turthfully though, it's not too bad. I'll let 3 or 4 load at once while I'm writing the text so it's not as though I'm just sitting here waiting on them...

Beth N said...

Oh, I have got to go. It looks AMAZING!!! And I totally want a St. Bernard now.

geo said...

I'm SO going as well!... don't know when, but I will. I think the people at that castle need to give you a little kick-back for the thousands that will follow your steps.

Michael Irwin said...

ouf !! St Emilion should employ you as its chef de publicite (sorry - no accents on this PC).

Girl About Town said...

Oh wow. I have always dreamed of going to France. How amazing that you can just go for the weekend!! Beautiful pictures. (New to your blog via Raquels' blog!).

Charles said...

what was the name of the chateau you stayed at?

Heather said...

Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir in St Sulpice