Sunday, December 16, 2007

Arts and Crafts Time with Heather

Say? Have you ever looked at all the items laying around your bathroom and wondered if there was a way you could use them to create a lovely holiday centerpiece? No? Well, lucky for you, I did just that.

Here's what you will need: empty loo rolls, one loo roll with several sheets still on it, u-pins or bobby pins, hair elastics, cotton balls and eye and lip pencils in assorted colors. (Also some scissors - not shown.)

Also, a few accessories for three of your characters...

Simply place one square of loo paper to the top of one of your empty rolls and secure with a hair elastic. Then draw a face. Poke a couple of bobby pins through each side of the roll and add one of your three accessories. In this case, gold.

Repeat. This time with a sample vial of perfume. This will signify "frankinsence" because no one knows where to get ahold of frankinsence these days and, from what I hear, it was pretty much just perfume. Though, why you'd want to give a baby perfume, I don't know. That, however, is not for me to decide. I don't make the stories up, I just use common houehold items to recreate them...

Repeat once more. With myrrh. Don't even get me started on myrrh.

Next, use the same basic technique for two more rolls, one man and one woman. Perhaps you'll want to use your make-up pencils to give the woman a little extra pizzaz. Also maybe add an extra square of loo roll to her bottom half to make a little dress. Use half of another roll to make a "manger" of sorts and cut up the other half in the shape of a baby. Perhaps he will appear to be in "swaddling clothes". Your call.

Take three cotton balls and arrange onto bobby pins, as shown. This is your sheep. Baaaa.

Voila! Your very own eco-friendly and eco-nomical nativity scene!

You're welcome.

So Jason and I are off to the big NC tomorrow for the holly-days. I'll try my bestest to do a bit of updating here and there but you all know how it is... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Steph said...

this could very well be one of my favorite posts of all time.

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Is it sacriligious to use the loo paper now? Somehow I don't feel comfortable wiping my butt with the virgin mary.
Genius posting though. I love it.
Suze x

Christina said...

That is SO funny, love it!

Anna said...

that is hilarious... i am really very impressed!

Muz & Mo said...

HA! very funny
Have a great holiday break at home:)

aunt sandy said...

You did a wonderful job but I've got to you have too much free time on your hands????!!!!!
And by the way, I never knew you were so crafty!

Violet Aquarius said...

That is sooooo freakin' hysterical!
And oh so cute!
Thanks for the laugh on this bluesy Xmas.

Violet Aquarius said...

Oh, and P.S. I have that EXACT SAME Benefit lip liner - mine is Siren. :)