Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pret-a-Portea Take 2

Beth and I had both done "The Fashionista's Tea" at The Berkeley before but as they change the confections with every runway collection, it was worth another go to see the new sweets. And oh boy did we eat. We ate till we felt the need to make like a model and send it all back up the way it went down.

But with a menu like this, I don't know whether to eat it or wear it.

Comme des Garcons cassis mousse with blackcurrant marmalade
Missoni striped madelaine with banana and vanilla bavaroise
Yves Saint Laurent sharp smoking jacket chocolate sable
Hermès vibrant orange and ginger Kelly bag
Christian Dior redcurrant mousse and grenadine jelly with pink spun sugar and Dior shoe
Giles Deacon Valrhona chocolate fan of Black Forest parfait
Zac Posen dark purple macaroon with chocolate and passion fruit ganache
Alexander McQueen silver spice boot biscuit
Nina Ricci lime cremeux with lemon mousse, coconut jelly and pear tuile

Here's a hint: WE ATE IT.

The only Hermes bag I'll ever own and I went and scarfed it down like it was an Oreo.

Not a bad reproduction, eh?

A pretty literal interpretation...

of this Commes des Garcons dress. (Which I personally think is hideous.)

A lovely purple macaroon filled with a very rich ganache...

which was inspired by this very expensive Zac Posen ensemble.

The delicious banana-y cake...

as an homage to Missoni's legendary wavy striped knits.

A lovely little chocolate jacket...

taken from this lovely Yves St Laurent piece.

The Alexander McQueen ginger spiced silver boot biscuit, which was the only item I wasn't able to find the real-life picture of.

The cute-as-can-be redcurrant mousse which was generally inspired by...

John Galliano's liberal use of that color in the F/W 2007 collection.

Beth and I tried to get a photo of us before we ate ourselves out of our current wardrobes but our waitress was not skilled in the art of photography. Come to think of it, she wasn't skilled in the art of waitressing either. Anyway, thanks to the ladies sitting next to us, we did get this photo with our little takeaway boxes...

Then they rolled us out the front door and onto the tube headed for home. (Where I couldn't even eat any dinner...)


Beth said...

I actually think I like this season better than your last set of pics! Can't wait to try this out for myself. ;)

A Novelist said...

Those fashionable treats look so delicious. Glad you had a good time. LOVE all your pictures. :)

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Are the tea sets Paul Smith!? Good lord you girls know how to style up an afternoon. (Then eat it).

Heather said...

Suze - yes they are!