Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where's turn-down service when you need it?

We're back from our second trip to Berlin and I'm especially missing the heated bathroom floors in the Ritz-Carlton because my little piggies are little piggy-sicles today. Not to mention that there was no one here to put a little mat next to the bed with my cosy slippers positioned perfectly... I asked Jason if he wouldn't mind picking up that practice. As you can imagine, his reaction was less than enthusiastic.

The Christmas markets were every bit as festive as I'd hoped they would be and I think I may have eaten my own weight in Bavarian culinary delights. You can look forward to photos of us stuffing our faces full of all manner of treats. Baked treats, fried treats, candied treats, grilled treats, brewed treats, mulled treats, treats, treats, everywhere a treat treat. Later. After I puke up half of it.

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