Monday, December 10, 2007

You mean cats don't have a basic understanding of textile terminology??

Yeah. So, there's quite a lot going on over here at the moment. Too much for this "little blog that could" to keep up with properly. Later today for example, Jason and I are going ice skating at Somerset House. And tomorrow, Beth and I are going to the V&A and to tea. And I've still yet to post the photos from our trip to the Christmas Markets.

So for now, until I can find a little time to start documenting my so called life, I'll leave you with this:

People who don't have cats might not know this but those who do will know exactly what I'm talking about. When cats are content, oftentimes they will "knead". We call it "making bread". Our cat George is particularly fond of all sorts of wool for his bread making. In fact, we ended up just giving him one of Jason's sweaters because he loved it so much. So today, I had put a little pile of clothes on the bed for a few minutes and when I turned around George was going at it on one of my favorite sweaters. I actually found myself running towards him yelling "Holy crap get off of there that's f**king CASHMERE!"

You may be shocked to find out that cats really don't care if something is "f**king cashmere". Nor do they even know what "cashmere" means. Put that in your straw and sip it.

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Suze - Manchester UK said...

I think you'll need to draw a basic equation for the cat. F**king cashmere being kneaded = spending time OUTSIDE. :)