Tuesday, January 29, 2008

E tu?

Me? Well, I'm back from Belgium and I'm tired and fat and tired. And I have Italian class tomorrow so I guess I should probably say "Sono ritorno da Belgio e sono stanca e grassa e stanca."

I started a post about our trip but then I got the shit beat out of me by iPhoto so I gave up for tonight. Sometimes I love being a Mac person but other times, like tonight, well... Let's just say "I'll get you my PowerBook G4. And your little photo application too!"

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geo said...

Heather, I'm probably too slow today to think about the meaning of your link. I don't get it! oh, silly me admitting my flaws...

On a side note, that sign is on the StaTravel agency just around the corner from where we live. I hate passing by every night because the phrase gets stuck into my head. They've kept that for months! What's the deal?

I'm just not understanding the world today.