Thursday, January 24, 2008

From wholesome to raunchy in 3.2 hours

Wednesday, Beth and I had a girl's day out which started innocently enough with a nice wholesome matinee showing of The Sound of Music.

We were almost certainly the only 30-ish people there as we sat pretty much in a sea of tiny tots and old ladies.

Afterwards, we made our way to Sketch, probably one of the quirkiest restaurants/lounges in London, where we drank lots of wine and attempted to solve the UK's and US's respective health care crises. We'll get back to you on that one...

The cocktail napkins at Sketch could get you in trouble at home if you accidentally leave one in your pocket.

The brownies at Sketch will definitely get you in trouble.

But my favorite thing about this place is... wait for it... the loos! I have never seen a stranger bathroom in my life. You basically come up to this big staircase that's split and the lights going up one half are pink and the lights up the other are blue. Then, when you get to the top, there's all these pods and that's the actual toilets. It gets weirder. When you go into your little pod to do your biz-nass, there's barnyard sounds. Literally, like mooing and crowing and whatnot. Anyways, I had to take a picture. The best way to get a feel for it was to take the photo into the mirror... (See the boys' side at the other end of the room, where the ceiling is lit blue?)

Now. This.... Well, this was our entertainment for the evening. See, I check my mobile sometime at the theatre, maybe during interval or something? Anyway, I have this text:

I show it to Beth and tell her they must have sent it to the wrong number. We laugh and say we'll mess around with him after a cocktail or two.

Fast forward to just after 5:30 pm and here's our wine-induced reply:

He replies almost immediately with:

And we nearly spew wine across the room. After regaining composure, we come back with:

And he starts to get serious:

So, naturally, we decide to screw with him a little more while still being ambiguous:

And then he has to go and make it personal by bringing names into the picture:

So we figure the best way to freak him out and shut him up is this:

Rob, if you're out there, we're sorry. You were just such an easy target and quite good entertainment for a couple of married gals out on the town.

Jason and I are off to Belgium tomorrow. Back next week with photos...


Steph said...

Holy crap. This made me laugh SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have fun in belgium.


A Novelist said...

OMG that was freaking hysterical!!! LOL!!! ;)

holly*anja said...

Hi Heather! I've been reading awhile (found your blog while researching a possible move to London-town for hubby's job) and finally had to say - this is hilarious! I laughed so hard. Thanks for eternalizing those text messages!!! Poor Rob...

Keep up the great blogging.

heatheronhertravels said...

Hi Heather

Look forward to hearing about your Belgium trip. You may enjoy my post on the Waterloo Battlefield and the delicious Sean Bean. Perhaps you could seek out where the Duchess of Richmond's famous ball was held in Brussels?

cami said...

ok, love those napkins-- brilliant!!

and I laughed out loud at your adventures of rob and james! love that!!