Monday, January 21, 2008

In Italiani, per favore.

As I gear up for my fourth level of Italian classes starting this week, I am propelled to share with you an observation:

It's funny what the English/Italian dictionary editors chose to include and chose to omit from my little reference book.

Per esempio...

In my dictionary, you won't figure out how to describe someone's hair color as red (or ginger as the Brits say) but you will find the Italian words for "greenhouse effect" and "reincarnation".

So, while I'll be able to run full discourse on the dangers of climate change and wax philosophical about existential theories, I'm screwed if I want to dye my hair or even get autumnal highlights at a salon in Rome.

And as this is a pretty random thing to be looking up in an Italian dictionary, I would also like to point out that I had a very good reason for wanting to know how to say someone has red hair.  In reviewing my notes from previous classes, I saw that I could describe someone's hair as castani (brunette) or biondi (blonde) but no red.  And lo, a blog post was born.


Aisby said...

I wish I could remember any of my Italian courses from college...I think I need a refresher, or a trip to Italy would work just as well!!

Anonymous said...

When someone has red hair you can say "capelli rossi" or if it's light orange red "capelli ramati".