Sunday, January 13, 2008

We wish you a merry Christmas...

...and very nearly a happy Valentines Day by now. Oops. Not sure why I can never get up Christmas photos in a timely fashion.

Aaaand we're off. Raleigh to East Bend... 135 miles, 2 hours 15 minutes, $50 in gas, 4 bags of gifts, 2 Starbucks cappucinos, 1 Bojangles chicken biscuit with cajun fries and sweet tea, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Toto, we're not in London anymore.

Apparently, my Grandmother has decided to become a rapper, going by the name "G-mother".

Gift-a-palooza at my family's house...

The usual suspects: us, my bros, and half of my cousins.

And back to Raleigh... where the family papparazzi awaited.

I have that bloody Elmo pizza song running through my head day and night. "Yummy, yummy! Make a pizza pie! Yummy, yummy! You toss me in the sky!"

Jason celebrating his triumph as winner in the category of "Best Gift to Mom" award. Joe may have made her cry with a copy of "The Giving Tree" but little did he know that she had confessed to us that all she wanted for Christmas this year was a family sing-a-long like her mom used to do.

Bingo! Christmas-oke is born.

So, to sum up... Singing Christmas songs with your granddaughters? Pretty much unbeatable.

And thus concludes our last transatlantic Christmas. Will I miss the magic of watching one of the world's great cities transform for the festive season?


Will it be worth giving it up?

You better
believe it.


Dawn said...

I notice that there is a freshly painted patch on the wall of your mother's living room (kareoke picture). I pont this out not to pick on your mother but only to reassure my own mother that we are not the only people who spot paint quickly before family comes for christmas. I love your blog. I like when your cat blogs in a hip-hop voice.

A Novelist said...

Check out my blog post for today; I gave you a Blog Buddy Award! :)

Amy said...

So I got to listen to Elmo sing his Pizza song 50 times today. It was fabulous. Oh, and thanks for that cat from Shrek. "go ahead, touch my fur. I will allow it. Your hands are so soft, what kind of lotion do you use?" And let's not forget the Elmo that you gave Katie 4 yrs ago. Really, thanks. We will get you back one of these days. :) And the girls are very ready for you guys to get back here too. Katie told me tonight that when you come back, you are going to move in with Nana for forever. :)