Thursday, February 14, 2008

And it ended as it began...

We now return for the shocking conclusion of the two part episode "Heather's Birthday and Why Everyone Should Celebrate It, Preferably by Purchasing Nice Things for Her":

The beautiful sunny weather held out through yesterday so after class, I took my sammich, my blanket, my mindless chick-lit book, and my iPod to the riverside and threw myself a birthday picnic.

And for the grand finale, Jason took me to SoBar for dinner, jazz and champers.

A birthday that starts with Veuve Clicquot and ends with Veuve Clicquot is A-OK for me.

Every single year on my birthday, I am overwhelmed by the number of people who care enough about me to send an email, lick a stamp, sign-in to, or comment on my blog to wish me a happy birthday. It always reminds me to be thankful that I have so many great people in my life - thoughtful family, amazing friends, the best in-laws a girl could ask for, and even bloggy "cyber friends". So, in honor of them, I present my very own awards show: The Cardys!

First E-Greeting to Arrive

First Snail Mail Card to Arrive
Beth M

Best Attempt at Birthday Greetings Which Culminated in Technically Missing My Birthday But I Know the Sentiment Was There At the Right Time So I Love Them Anyway
Catherine for her first-thing-Thursday-morning email reading "So I thought I'd be all cool and call you on your birthday, then realized it would have been 2am there. You probably would not have thought that was cool. So sorry I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

Best Insult Masquerading as a Birthday Greeting
My brothers for their "Save all the birthday candles because there's enough wax there to do your legs and moustache" card. Nice one!

Best Card to Capture the Essence of "Me"
Beth N's "Definition of Shoes" card

Best E-Greeting To Sum Up My Birthday Whore Philosophy
Jason's mom Marie for her "Happy All About You Day!" e-card

Best E-Greeting To Sum Up Melanie's Attention Whore Philosophy
Melanie for her second e-card which said "It's your birthday but I'm still going to try and get all the attention."

Best E-Greeting Containing Original Music and Lyrics
Jenny for the "Everybody has to get born, otherwise nobody'd be here" little ditty

Best E-Greeting containing a comedic duo performance
Andrea, Melanie, Mom, Amy, and Beth M for Hoops & YoYo's French lesson
*These recipients also win the "Great Minds Think Alike" Award

Best Overall E-Greeting
Saks 5th Avenue "virtual gift cards" from my parents and my grandma
(Clearly, there was no way anyone else could get a leg up over this, what with all the potential a Saks gift card carries.)

Best Overall Snail Mail Greeting
Aunt Sandy for her "live and in-person" (well, "live and in-soundchip" at least) version of the Hoops & YoYo French lesson card that five other people sent via e-mail

An Honorary Cardy Award goes to:
Elwin Kitteh for learning cursive writing in time to sign my birthday card

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the one you've been waiting for. The big kahuna of the Cardys...

Best Overall Greeting
Ewan McGregor for this:


andrea said...

Ewan is so thoughtful, isn't he? I am glad he remembered your birthday :)

Hope it was a great day!!!

A Novelist said...

LOL I love Ewan's message to you.... ;) Happy Birthday Heather! I hope it was all that you wished for. And Happy Valentine's Day as well.... :)

Dawn said...

I totally squealed out loud when I scrolled to the bottem of this post. I love Ewan and your blog. Happy belated birthday!

erica said...

Thank you very much for the shout out! I love being first:) But I must say LaHeather...You made a lovely/wise decision placing McGregor over everything else!