Sunday, February 03, 2008

Get out of town

Right now it's 1:15 in the morning and we're suffering through what now passes for a halftime show at the Superbowl. Justin and Janet really did ruin it for everyone didn't they? After that spectacle, no one exciting ever gets booked for halftime anymore. And weirdly enough, in the mansion block across the street, there's only one flat with lights on and they're watching it too. Wonder if they're 'Mericans too? I digress... More about our Super Bowl adventures in the next post.

So this weekend was unseasonably sunny so we decided to take well advantage of it and get out and about. Where does one go when one wants to explore England's charming countryside? Apparently, Dorking. Although perhaps unfortunately named, it's a lovely little town with some cosy old pubs and great antique shops.

The cathedral

Which I loved the inside of because of the quaint exposed timber roof construction.

William Mullins was all "Cheerio mates! I'm off to my new country where I shall get my Thanksgiving on and start a holiday whereupon we shall do nothing but eat and watch people play a game that I shall rename "football" just to piss off all you chaps who stayed here in England."

Such a faker.

Just a small sample of the many bags of loot we hauled back home.


andrea said...

I've often wondered what was in Dorking. Thanks for solving that mystery for me!

A Novelist said...

What a nice little get-a-way! Oh, I've tagged you; check out my blog for details! :)