Monday, February 18, 2008

I speak awesome Italian when drunk.

Here's an equation you don't have to be a math-whiz to figure out:

What do you get when you take two glasses of pre-dinner champagne plus my more-than-fair-share of two bottles of red wine plus some sort of vanilla/cinnamony martini (which I still don't know who ordered for me or who paid for) that I have no idea what it was actually called because it was too loud to hear the waitress but I'm calling it the "Killah Vanilla" for obvious reasons?

The answer is: a run-on sentence and a hangover.

And what do you get when, on Sunday, you add to all that a greasy noon-time breakfast, a couch, a blanket, and viewings of "An American in Paris", "Raising Arizona" and "Gone With the Wind" slightly broken up by the odd nap or ten?

The answer is, of course: a cure.

Friends, I was a train wreck the likes of which y'all ain't never seen on Sunday. Saturday night we went out with one of Jason's cousins from Massachusetts and his boyfriend and had a most excellent time.

The only blight on the evening was the loss of exactly one half of my new red leather gloves, which... as is the way with gloves, has rendered them exactly 100% useless.

May I just say though, thank god that I was somehow thinking clearly enough at the end of the night (I use the term "night" loosely as is was, in actuality, about 4:00 am when we stumbled through the front door) to figure out how to use my mobile to call a car to pick us up and take us home. Had I left it up to Jason, we'd probably still be riding those damn rickshaws between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly and back again. When I questioned him about this later, he said he was trying to get near enough to the Ritz to get a room for the night. Umm, yes. I'm sure the Ritz would have welcomed us with open arms. Me with my singular red glove flopping precariously about the tips of my fingers while I wailed "Dove sono i miei guanti rosso?? Tu trovi i miei guanti rosso???" and Jason with the better part of a cheese and onion pasty crumbling down the front of his shirt. Just the clientele they hope to see walking in at 3:00 am.

Having now made a full recovery from the weekend's festivities, I'm whizzing about trying to get ready for my upcoming trip this weekend. Some of you I've already told, but for those who don't know yet - I'm going to Japan on Saturday! How excited am I??? Answer: very.


Melanie said...

This kinda reminds me of a couple of nights I was in London...or that one St. Patty's day when I made out with Jason's friend...maaaaan I so wish I could have been there for this occasion! So glad you recovered :)!

Fuji Mama said...

You'll be coming to my corner of the world! I hope you enjoy it! What part(s) of Japan will you be visiting?

andrea said...

Is it sad that I am jealous of your evening? That it has been THAT long since I have drank anything that I think it sounds fun, even with the hangover?

And I am so excited for your trip to Japan, I can't wait to hear all about it!!

geo said...

oh Japan! that sounds a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Please eat lots of sushi for me. I loooove sushi!

Muz & Mo said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh FUN!!! Have a GREAT time in Japan!

A Novelist said...

Oh, Japan! Please take LOADS of pictures! ;)

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Japan rocks the most - how long are you going for? Be sure to take a bullet train - such good fun.
Suze x

Heather said...

Fuji Mama - I'm visiting Tokyo and Kyoto :)

Suze - I'll be there for 10 days. I'd like to go a little bit longer but Jason will be working anyway and I don't want to miss too much of my Italian class.

I'm soooo excited you guys!!!