Friday, February 01, 2008

Is it wrong? (Part II)

Here we are again.

Is it wrong that I happened to catch an episode of The Simple Life this week (To be specific - season two. That is to say, when Nicole looked as though she wouldn't blow away in the face of a mild easterly breeze.  And while I'm getting all parenthetical on you... although I certainly appreciate her style turnaround, what with much nicer clothes involving less spandex, doing away with the manky make up and chopping off those mangled two-tone extensions in favor of a sleek uni-color, be it blonde or brunette, bob - I do wish that gal would put a few of those pounds back on. Also? Welcome to my run on sentence convention!!!) and I laughed OUT LOUD - and I mean laughed HARD. And OUT LOUD. when Paris got thrown off the horse because "How do I make it go fast? It's more fun to go fast! Woah horsey! Make it stop! Please make it stop running!!!"?

P.S.  That's totally a direct quote, by the way.  Dead serious.  I hit rewind like eight times to make sure I got it right.  God bless the pause/play/rewind functions that are now compulsory to modern-day TV viewing.  Am I right??

Like when she got up and had what I expect was horse or cow shit stuck in her hair and black dirt all around her mouth, I practically SCREAMED with laughter. And when she said it stepped on her stomach to garner sympathy, I wanted to shake her and yell "You stupid f**kwit! You don't get up and hold your stomach when a horse steps on it! If a horse steps on your stomach, you are pretty much laid out in the dirt bleeding internally with a crushed [insert vital organ here]! You know. Because horses are f**king HEAVY!"

Oy vey.

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