Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paging all daffodils

As I mentioned to an "as of then still pregnant"Andrea and her mom over lunch on Thursday, Jason and I were thinking about doing a little weekend driving trip this weekend but Friday morning Jason drops on me that he needs to do a little shopping over the weekend. (I have no idea whatever for. Wink, wink.) So, we decided to stay local on Sunday but we still wanted to do something outside since the weather was so amazing. So we flipped through our English Heritage membership book and decided on a trip to Wellington Arch.

From the top, on one side you can see out over Hyde Park and on the other, you get a view of Green Park and The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace, with the London Eye and Big Ben in the backgroud.

Look ma! Three-quarter length sleeves in February!

The statue on top is the largest bronze sculpture in Europe. It's the angel of peace descending on the chariot of war.

And after spending some time shopping at Harrod's, we had a great dinner at Bibendum Oyster Bar in the old Michelin Tyre Co. building. (Yes, that's how the British spell "tire".)

A very successful weekend indeed.


Beth N said...

So... we were in Richmond on Sunday, and you were in Kensington. How messed up is that?

Janet said...

Isn't that Michelin building just gorgeous? It's one of my favoUrite places in London.