Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And I shall call it:

The week in which I accomplished absolutely nothing of value... but had a lot of fun anyway.

(Which isn't entirely true because we did go to a UNICEF meeting last night and agreed to organize a wine tasting event. I suppose that has some value.)

But Monday, when I was supposed to be studying Italian, I got to chatting with a guy in Starbucks because he saw my Italian books and asked me about it since he's also trying to learn it for his honeymoon in Tuscany and it turned out that he and his fiancee are both actors - as in plays, (in fact, she was next door at the Orange Tree theatre auditioning) which made for some interesting discussions so I got very little actual studying done.

(P.S. Let's hear it for run-on sentences!)

And on Tuesday, when I probably should have been catching up on all the Italian studying I missed on Monday, I had lunch with Andrea and Finn, who I think (if this is even possible) is even cuter in person than in the pictures on Andrea's blog.

I suppose today will be fairly productive since I'm actually going to Italian class and then to my volunteering gig but, make no mistake - I will most certainly be catching up on last night's recorded season premier of Nip/Tuck this evening. So since Nip/Tuck is so deliciously naughty, I think that may cancel out anything of value that I do today.

And tomorrow, when I should be cleaning and packing for Prague, I'll most likely be having lunch and seeing a movie with Beth.

So, you know... yay me. I officially suck this week. But at least I'm having fun.


andrea said...

Finn and I, for one, are happy you skipped out on the studying and came to meet us for lunch! It's too bad his eyes never opened throughout the whole thing, but next time, I promise :)

Have a great time in Prague!

Jessi said...

Have fun in Prague! It was definitely one of my favorite places to see while we were in Europe!! Have you been before? If not make sure you go to the Cuban Restaurant/Bar (la bedegiuta di media sp??) It was fantastic when we were there.