Thursday, April 17, 2008

Milkin' It

I have never seen two people carry on with the "goodbye" parties like Beth and Rino. I mean, seriously - how many times do I have to hug these two and say a heartfelt "so long"??? There was the official leaving party last month, then they came over for one last game night, now they're back from South Africa and in London for one night only and want us to trek to Trafalgar Square for one last drink. Enough, I say! Scram!

Okay. I give. This is my grief talking. I'm lashing out emotionally. I'm sorry. This is how I deal with heartache. In all seriousness, we will definitely miss these guys and it really was sad when we had to say our for real last goodbye outside Embankment tube station. But as I've said before, such is the life of an expat. It is, by definition, transient and goodbyes are inevitable. Luckily, we've all racked up enough frequent flier miles during the process that we'll be able to visit each other and meet up in new cities back in the States.

Geo and I miss you already, B.

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geo said...

It's true! It was great seeing all of you, and I do miss Beth as well. Snif snif