Monday, April 14, 2008

More random English towns

Earlier this year, Jason and I decided to take off on a little trip to Dorking. Why? Just because. This weekend, we decided on Lewes (pronounced Lewis). Why? Just because. And it was adorable! We absolutely loved it. So quaint, so twee... We couldn't believe it wasn't crawling with tourists. And luckily, we were blessed with mostly beautiful weather. Apart from a couple of five minute showers here and there, it was blue skies and sunshine.

The skyline of Lewes is dominated by the Norman keep and Barbican gate of Lewes Castle. (This is the gate.)

Jason on the walk up to the keep.

Inside the keep...

The view of the downs from the top of the keep. (I wonder if I can work the word "keep" into every caption in this post? Keep keep keep keepity keep keep keeperton.)

Hmmmm, so you're telling me that France used to like, own England?? And this King William character was from Normandy?? I don't get it. And the French historically, like, hate us, right? I'm not following... This is keep-fusing.

Well, well, well, Dover. Looks like you're not the only one with white cliffs. Suck on that. But keep your chin up because your cliffs are much nicer and more dramatic than these.

The Barbican Gate, which, to my great delight... held a magnificent surprise. (Keep. Keepkeep.)

A dress up room!!!! Keep-tastic!

St. Michael's Church, which incidentally, doesn't have a keep.

The impossibly steep cobblestone Keere Street. It's really keep-ing steep!

Time for a pub break. Barkeep! Two pints please!

Up next were the gardens. I keep forgetting the name of them...

Notice the shadow puppet on my sleeve? That Jason sure is a keeper. (Okay, I give up. This is getting tragic.)

After all the exhausting shadow puppeting, another pint was in order at the White Hart.

And what better pub than the one where American independence was basically founded? Go Thomas Paine! Thanks for, like, my country and the Declaration of Independence and hot dogs for Fourth of July and stuff.

Lewes is also home to Harvey's Brewery.

Here's the thing... In many places, this would be an address. Here, it represents the date the building was built.

The best part of this whole thing was that we had decided not to worry about traveling back to London so we booked a room in Brighton for Saturday evening. So Sunday morning, we woke up to this...

We've been here before but Brighton is one of my favorite places to be. It's such an interesting little city. Everything about it is so retro. It has Victorian influences and 1920's vibes which makes for a pretty eclectic atmosphere.

The derelict West Pier - well, what's left of it anyway... It's basically a skeleton.

A holdover from Victorian Brighton.

Our hotel was technically in Hove (the area is actually called "Brighton & Hove") which is just down the beach. That was fine with us because we walked the mile or so along the beach to get to Brighton proper and our favorite coffee shop anywhere ever.

Redroaster, redroaster, send cappucino right over!

After that, we headed to The Lanes for some shopping. Brighton is the best place to shop. So many little indie shops and one-offs... I was sad to discover that my favorite vintage clothes shop had closed but recovered fairly quickly and got some new fancy knickers, a dress, a handbag and a necklace.

Made from 100% real vegetarians!

We rounded off the day with some awesome Mexican food...

...and candy floss on Brighton Pier.

I don't know why really but train stations fascinate me. I just love them. The decorative beams, the arches...

Bye-bye Brighton. Keep on keepin' on.


Suze - Manchester UK said...

So the Independence of America was dreamed up in a pub... I'm thinking they held lots of official meetings in pubs. Send all the convicts to a far away land? Sure - whatever. Who's shout is it?

beth said...

I think the only picture you're missing here is one of you in that pink dress with both a pen and sword in hand expounding on democratic ideals. Could you maybe try harder next time please? Or keep that in mind for Halloween?

Anna said...

LOVE the dressing up picture. Jealous.

andrea said...

I'm beginning to think you guys get out a map, close your eyes and point...and still end up going to great places!

Kris said...

Nice photos! I loved all of the colorful beach huts. I can't wait to visit Brighton. It's totally next on my list.

If you haven't visited York or Bath, you must! I loved both of those places. Also the Cotswolds have some extremely charming villages!!

Howard said...

As a resident of Lewes, please may I say how glad I am that you liked our beautiful little town?

Come back often, promise?