Friday, April 11, 2008

Quality family time

Jason's brother was recently here for a visit and London was really showing off. Fog thick as pea soup, followed by snow, all interspersed with sporadic bouts of intense sunshine and ten minute downpours. "Visit London! Bring your rain coat, wool coat, sunglasses, wellies, and a sled!"

Friday, we all took off to Dover. Jason and I had been before with Monique and Murray but this time, we also visited Dover Castle and the "Secret Wartime Tunnels". Too bad you can't really see Dover Castle... Tragic.

The Roman lighthouse, built in like 1st Century AD.

Me, as seen through the keyhole of the church door. I'm like Bigfoot!

Jason makes his slapstick comedy debut.

Thank god for signs for idiots - when it's not glaringly obvious what might happen when you step head first off the side of a small cliff.

I'm such a renegade. "No Exit." Yet, I exit. I laugh in the face of authority.

Light coming through the holes made for shooting arrows.

Hall o' cannons.

The drawbridge.

Boys will be boys. No further caption necessary.

This picture was a lot funnier when you could actually see the "No surfing on the cannon" sign.

"The Secret Wartime Tunnels: Not so secret anymore."

Surprise! I found your tunnels!

After a VERY VERY VERY long hike/walk, we finally made it to the White Cliffs. I must say, I highly recommend bypassing the whole hiking/walking thing and driving right up onto the cliffs like we did last time. Because the actual town of Dover? Ummm, not exactly what one would call "picturesque". In fact, one might even call it "a bit of a shithole".

The path behind us with Dover Castle in the background.

That's a horse's ass. And to the left, the hindquarters of an equine mammal. (Sorry Jason. It was too easy.)

Awesome. Clowning around on the edge of a cliff. I love it when they pretend to kill off one another.

Oh yes. And then there were the "Hey! Take a picture of me that looks like I'm climbing the cliffs!" pictures. A true classic.

At least the fog had lifted and left us with beautiful skies before sunset.

Saturday, I decided to leave the boys to their own devices and sit at home watching Gossip Girl. "Spotted: J and J by the River Thames, trying to decide where to go. Who knows where they'll end up. Stick around for all the news you can use. XOXO, Gossip Girl."

Borough Market - every London foodie's perfect Saturday.

And a typical London scene...

Sunday, as you may recall from an earlier post, dawned in a blanket of white. Here are a few more pics of Richmond in the snow...

Later, Jason and Joe went into Central to try to see the Olympic torch pass through. Since crowds aren't my thing (to put it mildly), I stayed put. You couldn't have gotten me in this mess if you promised me they were throwing out free Chloe bags.

They didn't even get to see anything because by the time the torch was supposed to have reached St. Paul's, there had already been so many protester attempts to take it down, they had extinguished it and put it on a bus.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the British Museum - soaking in some "culture". Or whatever.

On the last day, we all headed into Central. The boys went to a performance of Shakespeare on speed (a play condensed to 45 minutes, for a lunch break) while I went to a Renoir exhibit and later...

we all met up at Harrod's.

This is what happens when you leave boys alone with a camera. "Jason's Nut Butter".

And that's it. I leave you with Jason and his nut butter. Marinate on that for a while.


A Novelist said...

Oh, the foggy London weather looks like what we're having today in NYC. Thanks for sharing your pics. As always, I love looking at them. Have a great weekend! :)

Suze - Manchester UK said...

You should totally head north to Durham. I know, it's a long trek, but there's plenty of that old crap to amuse you. By the way - did you buy a souvenir in Lewes. A keepsake perhaps? Sorry, couldn't help it.