Monday, April 07, 2008

What a difference a few days make

So. You guys 'member last week? I was yammering on about how I had banished boots from my closet and The Shins from my iPod and so on and so forth.

Well. Mother Nature has news for me. She's still in charge. And she tells me "Don't you forget it missy."

That's right. I woke up yesterday to snow. Big huge flakes of it. A coating on the rooftops and cars and trees and bushes of it. And, even though none of it really stuck to the pavement, it snowed pretty heavily for several hours. This would all be lovely and wonderful and very "Little Women-y" or "Doctor Zhivago-ish" if it were not, you know, F-ING APRIL.

And do you think there was a single boot in my closet? No. Do you think there was a single wool scarf on my coat rack? No. This is what a Londoner gets for being optimistic.


beth said...

Seriously, it's colder this week than it was in February. What in tarnation is going on?! And might I just add, this is why I have no idea what heat feels like anymore!

Anonymous said...

I too feel your pain!! It has been cold and raining here (at least it hasn't snowed) :) and I am sooo ready for it actually feel like spring!!! Love and miss you both! Mom

Muz & Mo said...

WOW what the heck is going on with the weather over there? Hopefully this means a GREAT summer is on the way ?? Hopefully!!