Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The fashion mistress is back in.

Dear Women of London, 

Clearly my last letter needed a second paragraph - regarding seasonally appropriate dressing.  This morning on the tube I was sitting in between two of you.  The one on my left was wearing flip-flops, a denim cut-off skirt and tank top.  The one on my right was wearing knee-high suede boots, opaque tights, a wool skirt, a wool pea-coat, a scarf and gloves.  Dressed in ballet flats, jeans, a light cotton navy boat-neck sweater and a 3/4 length sleeve jacket in blue ticking stripe, I was the only life raft in a sea of inappropriateness.  

How can two women in the same city wake up and interpret "high of 66 degrees" in two totally opposite ways???  Ladies, there is a middle ground.  And I desperately urge you to find it.  Layer.  Wear bright colored shoes.  Embrace the cotton sweater.  French Connection has some particularly good transitional items right now.  Whistles is also doing a great job with their "not winter, not quite a solid spring yet either" collection.  Banana Republic is a pro at this.  Get out there.  Experience the joy of a whole new category of shopping.  Please.  The fashion mistress would like a day off.



Kim - London said...

ok, hysterical. you've nailed it on the head again... I am wondering what your thoughts were on all the girls who whipped out the white pheasant (sp?) type skirts to work that first week in May when it was 80+...I am too old school, I kept thinking..wait for Memorial / End Bank May Monday people!!! Somehow white in the City in early May didn't feel right for me.. your take??

Heather said...

Well, I have to be honest.... the "no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day" rule is one I actually don't subscribe to. I'm all about letting the weather and temerature, not the date, dictate what I wear. I guess this comes down to personal preference. To each their own.

Now, if I read this correctly - you're saying ladies were wearing white pheasant skirts to WORK? Weather, date, whatever... That's just WRONG. This, unlike the Memorial/Labor Day debate, has nothing to do with personal preference. No matter what time of year or temperature, pheasant skirts are for river-side strolls, picnics in the park, outdoor concerts. Not for work. End of story.

A Novelist said...

LOL - we need you in NYC! Desperately....

Ashely said...

Now, I need to let you know that these offenses are occuring on the other side of the pond as well. Check out my post on the girl at Cameron Village. I couldn't help but think of you while I stared at her! :)

Janet said...