Monday, June 30, 2008

The ceremony of my win

The (verylong-standing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition Cage Match carried on this weekend with an epic win for me.  Making the victory even sweeter was Jason's comment right before my game-ending question.

I had gone to the DVD for the win a few times already and got the question wrong so by this time I had learned that the "for the win" question didn't involve any audio or video clues so I told Jason not to worry about pausing the iPod on the Bose dock.  He goes "It's okay.  I enjoy the ceremony of your loss."  

Then as if by magic, a question tailored just for me - trivia couture if you will - appeared on the screen:  What are the four flavors of Pez?

OMG!!!!!  Seriously?  As a Pez enthusiast since the tender age of 15, I knew that they were grape, orange, lemon and strawberry.  As a side note, I was also aware that in Europe, cherry often appears in the place of strawberry.  

So Jason had to experience the ceremony of my win:

In case a still photo doesn't really drive home the feeling, I can tell you that the ceremony of my win includes a great deal of whooping, hooting, hollering, rump-shaking, booty-bouncing and flash-dancing.  And maybe even a little "Hello my baby, hello my darlin', hello my rag-time gaaaaaaaaalllllllll."

1 comment:

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Massive congrats!!
Sorry Jason - that's a killer question to win with!!