Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cocktails and the City

Well hello there. Remember me? The girl who took off to visit her friend and hit up NYC for the opening night of the Sex and the City movie? And took her computer with her with the best intentions of blogging but then started having so much fun she totally forgot about her best intentions? Well I'm back. And here's how it all went down...

I was greeted at JFK with this. Well, not just this. There was a Beth holding it and waving. Then she and Rino took me for late-night diner food. Is there any better way to start a trip?

The preparations for our journey into the city begin. We must have done okay for ourselves because we had not been in New York for 20 minutes when somebody said to us "Let me guess. Sex and the City?" We were all "Are we that obvious?" He said the cute dresses were the dead giveaway.

On the platform in Stamford waiting for our express train to Grand Central. I was so flustered by the advice to "WATCH THE GAP". I've becomed so Anglicised that I only understand "MIND THE GAP." You know what they say... Two nations separated by a common language.

The fantastic view from our hotel room, two icons - the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building (my favorite NYC landmark).

Gettin' this party started proper with lunchtime bubblies at Mercer Kitchen.

And since this was a Sex and the City themed day, we of course had to go to Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes.

Thank goodness we had the foresight to book a few weeks ahead for our tickets to see the movie. Every show except the 1:30 AM one was sold out.

Here's where it starts to go fuzzy. Between the pre-dinner cocktail, the bottle of wine during dinner and the post-dinner Cosmopolitans we were...


And drunker.

So although we had a very nice second day in the city planned, we were just a mite too hungover to face it. So we drug our pitiful asses to the McDonald's down the street and then straight into a taxi bound for Grand Central Station. Rino picked us up at the station in Stamford and promptly deposited each of us onto a couch with our individual bags of nuclear orange snack treats. Baked Doritos for Beth and Baked Cheetos for me, in case you were wondering... We proceeded to sleep for pretty much the ENTIRE day. We woke up long enough for a pizza dinner and a few episodes of Bridezillas and then turned in for the night. Clearly, we are far too old for this.

After a day of recovery, we were ready to face the world again on Sunday. So Rino and Beth showed me around some of Connecticut's finest towns. Greenwich was first and that basically turned into Rino's worst nightmare since we couldn't walk three paces without either Beth or I gasping and saying "Ohmigod! I have to go in there!" Granted, it was more often me than Beth. But, to be fair, I am currently suffering through a severe case of American Brand and Pricetag Withdrawal. So perhaps I was a touch over-excitable.

My dual-purpose accessories came in handy at lunch. It's an earring! No, it's a napkin holder! No, it's both! See, I'm practical.

And then to the beach in Westport. I need to work on my manners if I'm going to fit in with the Connecticut country club elite.

How cute are we?

Finally, we were off to Stew Leonard's to stock up for dinner. Which, if you're not familiar, is basically a grocery store, dairy farm, petting zoo, and theme park all rolled into one.

We figured no one had ever submitted a photo in front of the store for Stew's "Bags Around the World".

Throw in a few hundred trips to Target, several costume changes, a food baby to rival a real baby in terms of bump size and that's pretty much my trip. Beth and Rino were fabulous hosts and I only hope I can return the favor some day!

*******Edited to add*******
Rino has made a very valid point in the comments so I would, in fact, like to take this opportunity to McMention the McTastic breakfast sammich which is Rino's specialty - the McChief. In the past several months I had heard a lot of McChief McHype and I must say... it McLived up to McAll of it. Even though I didn't get the official McChief dance, I did get a sampling of McChief songs during the preparation. The omission of this portion of my trip was indeed a huge oversight on my part and for that, I humbly apologise.


Rino said...

Not even an honorable mention for the McChief. I'm disappointed.

Beth N said...

Haha, nice summary, my dear. It was so WONDERFUL to have you here. I can't wait till your back on home soil so we can do it all again.

(Don't worry, I'll warn Target when you're moving back so they can increase their stock to keep up.)

Rino said...

Apology was dually noted.