Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diamond is forever

Last night Jason and I went to the O2 Arena to see Neil Diamond.  A couple of highlights:

  • The girl sitting next to us was a real piece of work (and by "piece of work", I mean "piece of white trash") but all the annoyance was washed away when, at one point, she jumped up out of her seat and tried to get her friend to get up and dance with her.  Her friend declined and she went to plop back down into her seat, forgetting that the seats are the kind that only stay down when you're actually sitting in them, and ended up plopping herself smack on the floor with great force.  In a desperate and transparent attempt to save face, she declared that "Ah quaht lahk it down 'ere anyways.  I fink ah'll stay."  And stay she did.  For two whole songs.  Now that's what I call embarrassed.
  • Jason lost his voice after a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline.
Unfortunately, the camera police were on the j-o-b so we weren't able to really get any good photos...

Clarity be damned, I think this one pretty much says it all.

Hells yeah he does!


Suze - Manchester UK said...

There was white trash at a Neil Diamond concert?? Nickelback, you'd expect it - but Mr Diamond has a chav following? Well, you live long enough, you see everything.
I'm off to see John Mayer tonight!

Meade Skelton said...

Im just curious why you use a term like "white trash". It does seem rather ironic in this day in age because we are so against racism. I hate the n-word, but I just dont understand why its okay to hate white people. I think the word "redneck" is repulsive too. And I'm from the South. Maybe we shouldn't judge people.

Heather said...

And maybe you shouldn't take everything so seriously.

I use a term like "white trash" because it's part of the modern vernacular. So is "redneck". How do you propose I refer to people who fit into these categories? "My uncouth brothers and sisters"? Or maybe "the unfortunate children of god who don't know how to behave in public"?

You can't actually be comparing "white trash" and "redneck" to the "n-word", can you? Do you go around saying the "r-word" or "wt"? No. Because the n-word is on a different level.

Seriously - get over it. It's just semantics and I'm personally sick of the overload of political correct-ness these days. If you don't like what I write, don't visit.