Saturday, July 05, 2008

Better together

Wednesday afternoon, we kitted ourselves out in North Face rain jackets and set off towards Hyde Park amidst grey clouds and steady drizzle. We'd bought tickets last August for this concert - Jack Johnson with G. Love and Special Sauce, Ben Harper and Mason Jennings. Truth be told, I wasn't really looking forward to it simply because of the weather forecast: low-level clouds and drizzle with a 99% chance of the bottom falling the f**k out. I had visions of us sitting in the giant puddle that Hyde Park would become, huddled under umbrellas and shivering. Clearly, things took a turn for the better:

Ahhh, takes me back to the lawn concerts at Walnut Creek... During G. Love's set, out of nowhere the clouds began to break up, revealing slivers of blue and then the sun broke through and began to shine in earnest. It was a Christmas miracle! Except in July.

In between two songs Jack said that everybody looked so pretty with the sunlight behind our heads and during the last song he had thought about the Jimi Hendrix performance where he told the audience that he just wished he could reach out and make love to all of them.

You can hardly blame him for feeling so amorous, considering this was his view...

Towards the end of Jack's encore (one of the longest encores I've ever seen), he all the sudden says "I want to bring out a couple of friends to help me with this next song. Please welcome G. Love back to the stage with Jimmy Buffet."

I was all "WTF??? Is he serious? Where the hell are my glasses? I can't tell. Is that really Jimmy Buffet?? Did he just pull Jimmy Buffet out of his ass??" I can assure you that yes, indeed, Jack Johnson whipped out Jimmy Buffet like it was nothing. Like he just happens to travel with musical legends always at the ready. After that, I half expected him to say "And now give it up for Mick Jagger! And after that, how about I get Stevie Wonder up here!?!"

I have great video. But you'll never see it. Because Blogger is a total bitch.

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srudman said...

Jimmy Buffet!? How nice! I knew I should have taken up the offer on those tickets!! So jealous!