Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Mama Mia. Here I go again.

So.  Jason is in NC for work.  That leaves me to my own devices.  And since we are going to Croatia next week, I decided that what my devices needed this weekend was a day of swimsuit shopping.  This did not end well.

Is there some sort of conspiracy out there to make normal-looking girls like myself feel ten kinds of fat when we try on beachwear?  If not, then can you explain to me why, when I selected the very same size swimsuit bottom that I always wear in regular clothes and knickers, I felt like I needed to somehow deflate my ass and hips just to squeeze them halfway on?

Let me tell you, and I speak from experience here, there is nothing that will make you feel worse about yourself than seeing your pasty white rear-end squishing out of a too-small bikini bottom.

I think, for most women, this would be exactly the kick they needed to not even look at a carb for the next week.  I'm not most women.  

I marched myself straight to the next showing of Mama Mia and ordered up a nice big tub of popcorn and a bucket of Diet Coke.  I may have popcorned myself into yet another size up.

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Suze - Manchester UK said...

I think it's bizarre how that perfectly curvy woman on the Special K ad looks fantastic, yet I can scare small children (and some dogs) off a beach in a swimsuit. I've been stuffing myself with Special K for 6 months and I still look shite.