Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear neighbor,

So, you've taken up the bagpipe, eh?  Good on you for picking up a hobby and trying to learn something new.  Not so good for me because I have to listen to you practice.  And it sounds not unlike a gaggle of small animals being beaten.  Perhaps I can suggest some alternative activities for you?  Drawing maybe?  Genealogy possibly?  Please?


Suze - Manchester UK said...

Bagpipes in the City? Oh no!! If there ever was an instrument that perfectly mimicked the dronish, wailing of a herd of bovine being squeezed in ways I can't imagine, it's that. I know, being a musician I should love all instruments, BUT I DON'T. It's a tartan clad abomination on the art of making music, which has only ever been successfully rocked in one song. (Thank you ACDC).

Raquel said...

Ha ha. I think that I'd rather have a bagpipe neighbor rather than the neighbor that we currently have. We call her crazy opera woman. She is always belting out operatic high notes at the top of her lungs... all hours of the day and night. Ugh. :)

Catherine said...