Thursday, August 28, 2008

File under: useless drivel

I've made some life-altering decisions.  Well, I've made one life-altering decision.  (This just in:  I'm hearing that decisions regarding hair length and/or color are not typically considered life-altering.)  Ok then, I've made a decision.

I'm growing out my hair.  

For those of you who have not rolled your eyes in dramatic fashion before swiftly clicking to the next blog and are still with me, yes... that's right.  Let's recap.  I cut it short.  I loved it.  I'm not loving it anymore.  I'm growing it out.  (Just to clarify, I'm not hating it by any means.  I'm just not loving it.)

I discovered something.  I'm just not a short hair girl.  I really like the natural waves that only appear when my hair is long.  I love twisting it on top of my head and sticking a pencil in it to hold it.  I enjoy spritzing my hair with Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray and Frederick Fekkai Beach Waves and blasting it with the dryer for about three minutes before walking out the door and letting it dry naturally.  I miss whipping it around for dramatic emphasis before stalking away in a huff when I'm mad.  No... wait...  That's just Blair on Gossip Girl.  I miss Gossip Girl.  

Meanderings about "made for teens tv programming" aside, I may seem like a high-maintenance kind of girl but I assure you that, for the most part, I'm not.  And let me tell you something.  Short hair is high maintenance.  I can't let it dry naturally.  I have to fully dry it and then straighten it into submission.  No thank you, I say.  

So, watch your back, Blair.  Pretty soon, you'll not be the only long-locked brunette on the block.


Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

I'm with you on this. Though I went to the hairdresser recently, asked for a 'trim, because I'm growing it' and she hacked 2 months worth off!! Argh. Best avoid her for say, 4 years.

Catherine said...

You do wear the long hair well! I have considered letting mine grow as well but I can't make it very far without getting irritated. Shorter hair is such hard work indeed.

geo said...

Whatever you do, just please don't walk into a L.A. hair saloon and stay away from shavers!