Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great. Now I want a ring-tailed lemur from Madagascar.

The day: Sunday. The time: 12:15. We arrive in Greenwich and first things first, we go for a pub lunch. I think I broke my stomach this time. I told Jason there was a 93% chance of me puking. Ha! If only. Unfortunately, my bangers and mash decided to stay put.

Next stop was the Old Royal Naval College to find the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh. You know, to give thanks for my beloved city back home in the Dirrty South.  I was hoping he'd look like Clive Owen in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.  Oh mama.  Yummy.

Errr.  Not so much.  We still tight though.  East Si-eeeeeede represent!

Greenwich's answer to the London Eye...

Next we headed over to Eltham to check out another English Heritage property, Eltham Palace.  (As an aside, by no means are you to pronounce it "El-tham".  You leave out the "h".  So it's "El-tam".  People were executed for less in Tudor times.  Who knows what they'll do to you these days.  Best play it safe and not find out.)

The cool thing about Eltham Palace is that it looks like a normal Tudor mansion from the outside (the exterior was modeled on Hampton Court Palace) but the inside is an Art-Deco masterpiece.  The Courtalds were quite the quirky family...  My favorite thing about them was that they had a pet ring-tailed lemur named Mah-Jong.  Apparently he was really spoiled and not very well behaved.  He even had a bamboo ladder in one corner of his cage (I use the term "cage" loosely here as it was actually almost as big as my own bedroom and definitely better decorated...) that led downstairs so he could come and go as he pleased.

By the time we were done with the inside tour, the sun and blue sky had disappeared but at least there was no rain.

The entrance bridge over the moat

View of the palace from the gardens

Jason was in denial about the cloudy sky and decided to keep his sunnies on.

"Hmmm, lookie here at this hole in the wall.  Wonder what that's all about?"  You know what they say about curiosity...

"Arrrggghhh!  It's got meh!  Halp meh! Halp meh!"  Just kidding.  I've had a penchant for this little trick ever since our visit to the Mouth of Truth in Rome about five years ago.  Shockingly, no one ever falls for it.  One of these days, a hole in a wall really is going to eat my hand and no one will come help.  I'll be the Little Girl Who Cried "Arrrggghhh! It's got meh! Halp meh! Halp meh!" one too many times.

"Hmmmm, I wonder if the water in the moat is cold?"

Since I'm not the most coordinated person, I decided perhaps it would be better to try this sitting down...

Jason figured there was still a pretty good chance I would fall in so he made sure to film it just in case.  All of our videos end with me saying something like "Are you taking a video??  Aw shit."  This one is no exception.  I think the variant this time is "Are you videoing?  Dammit."

Don't fall in. from heathers on Vimeo.

Check it out - we're back to the Capital Ring!  Only 26 and a half miles to Richmond!  Um, I think we'll train.

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Catherine said...

How long have you been holding out on me about Vimeo?? I even specifically asked for your expertise in putting video on this dang blog and you had nuttin. Hmph. I see how it is.