Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have you ever...

...had a weekend so wonderful that all you want to do afterwards is look at the photos from it?

Well I have.  Jason and I got back last night from a spectacular trip that involved driving a convertible Mercedes along Scotland's East Lothian Coast, hiking through some of England's most beautiful and historic countryside, and dropping in on some very quaint and random market towns here and there along the way.  

I feel so refreshed after spending the weekend amongst such beautiful scenery, which is a good thing because we're about to embark on what will certainly be two of the busiest months of our lives.  With so much to do before we leave and so many things already on October's to do list (not small things either... big tickets items like "sell current house", "buy new house", "buy car", "buy another car", "furnish aforementioned new house", "celebrate five years of marriage", "go to Disneyworld with our nieces", etc.), I'm going to have to remind myself to breathe.

But I solemnly swear to blog about our most fabulous weekend immediately, if not sooner.  I promise to make it a priority.  Because I want to write it all down before I forget a single minute of it.

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Anna said...

Three cheers for Scotland! For serious, I suck at being "outdoorsy", but I bought a wool sweater, went hiking, and drove around in the freezing cold Highlands for a day when I was there. Can't wait for pictures