Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ring around the capital

What with all the moving back home coming up around here, we've been doing our best to get out there and experience as much of this place as possible.  So on Saturday, we decided to walk the Capital Ring between Richmond and Osterley.

Let the bridge viewing commence!  Richmond Bridge...

Richmond Lock Footbridge...

Mr. Outdoors himself

Life on the River Thames

Who knew Richmond had so many twins??

I love how the signs here resort to shaming and name-calling to try to get people to pick up after their poop-machines dogs.  And if shaming and name-calling doesn't do the trick, by god they'll take your twenty quid from you.

The Isleworth riverside

The Cathja is an old Dutch barge that's now docked in Isleworth and serves as a community arts project.  Hence the big metal crane...

Love this old sign.

The real reason for the stroll...  The Apprentice pub.  Lots of famous patrons came here.  Henry VIII used to sneak away for secret liaisons with wife-to-be Catherine Howard  (a little strumpet if there ever was one, let me tell you) and Charles Dickens also supposedly drank here.  (To be fair though, I don't think I've come across a pub in London yet that doesn't claim Dickens drank there.)

The 14th century tower of All Saints Church

At Brentford Lock

Can you see mini Heather and Jason on the bridge?  How twee we are!

Another footbridge along the path

The final stretch to Osterley Lock...

We actually made it to Hanwell, where we headed to a pub for some refreshment before bussing it back to Richmond.  All in all, a most excellent day.  

More adventures on Sunday...  to be continued...

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