Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Skin & Bones

Today, I met up with Geo for a museum quickie. I had more to do today that I'd ever get done so I had no time for such foolishness but you know me. Never one to turn down a fashion exhibit... And it's ending this week so I had no choice. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's one Geo took of me watching the Viktor & Rolf "Bluescreen" fashion show. (Google it.  It's pure genius performance art.)

And one of Geo trying to blend in with the exhibition.  

So, Skin & Bones basically draws on the parallels between fashion and architecture.  So the clothes, for the most part (with a couple of exceptions by Narciso Rodriguez and Alber Elbaz) were more showpieces than anything one would actually wear.  And I wasn't expecting to be all that into the architecture bit of it but there were lots of those precious little models that architects build and they were filled with teeny tiny miniature trees and people and cars and stuff and lord knows I do love pretty much anything miniature.  (It's a weird thing I have.)

Tomorrow morning we drive up to York and then to see Suze and Phil so I'll be back on Monday.

On a total side note, Jason just silently crawled into the bedroom, ninja-style, on his hands and knees and I didn't even see him till he'd gotten all the way to the foot of the bed (this is the majority of the length of the room).  I just sensed movement and looked up and all I can see is forehead and eyes.  My first question is this: "How much wine have you had?"  He then stands up, extends his arm for a firm handshake and says "Pleased to meet you."  My second question is this: "Are you on drugs?"

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