Monday, September 29, 2008

Aaaand they're off

Initiate SkyKennel Acclimation Procedure:

SkyKennel Acclimation Procedure at 50% completion:

SkyKennel Acclimation Procedure 100% complete:

Ready for lift off.

Today the kittehs take off into the wild blue yonder and will meet us on the flip side in a couple of days.  Due to some shady dealings that one of them tells us he got into in Mexico way back before we adopted him (nevermind the fact that he could barely walk before we adopted him - we've found it's best to humor them...), we've all taken on secret agent names that we'll be using during the transition (Operation code name = The British Invasion).  Elwin is P.G. McGillicutty, George is Prince Charles, Jason is Lars Barr and I'm Noodles Mahoney.  Shhhhh, no one tell H0m3Iand S3curity.


Beth N said...

oooh... poor kitties :( I can't believe they willingly sat in those boxes! If I take a crate out, Candy disappears until the crate is promptly returned to the closet.

Raquel said...

Ahhh, that would have been SO difficult for me to send them off... but at least you'll see them in a few days. :)

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Good luck and God speed, boys.
And to Noodles Mahoney / Lars Barr, have a safe and secret journey. The cinema of the Ukraine is very good this time of year. Or something like that.

petblogger said...

Great blog! Your kitties will be just fine.

p.s. I'm in agreement with you on the tights thing.