Friday, September 26, 2008

The fashion mistress officially gives up on the women of London

Dear Women of London, 

I quit.  You have finally pushed me over the edge.  I will say this one time and one time only so LISTEN UP and LISTEN GOOD:  

No matter how thick or high denier they may be, tights are not, I repeat not, a substitute for trousers.  Tights are meant to go UNDER a skirt or dress.  Tights are an ACCESSORY.  Tights are NOT a standalone wardrobe piece.  Therefore, when you wear them as though you think they are an acceptable bottom covering, I can totally see the seam that runs up the middle of the rear end of them, the diamond-shaped gusset in the crotch of them, and your big white M&S knickers under them.  

Go ye therefore and buy trousers immediately if not sooner!



Tola said...

are you kidding? can we have photo documentation of this?

Stephanie Y said...

I think the world could do without a photo of that.....:(!!!

Anna said...

a wonderful resource for you

Beach Rose said...

What?! Ladies do this?