Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Musical bliss brought to you by Jason Mraz

Tuesday night we headed out to the Royal Albert Hall to see Jason Mraz perform one last time in London.  He never disappoints.  Ever.  

We even got a little sneak preview when he came out to perform with his opening act, Ingrid Michaelson.  (Who, by the way, totally knocked my socks off.  Loved her!)

He brought out an amazing gospel choir for "Live High" and then went into a cover of "Oh Happy Day" with them.
Packed to the rafters at RAH.

There were so many highlights.  A mash-up of "You and I Both" and "Sleeping to Dream", a cover of "Build Me Up, Buttercup", a Bob Marley sing-along in the middle of "I'm Yours", everybody dancing to "The Dynamo of Volition", the unexpected change of tempo to a reggae beat on the chorus of Clockwatching,...  I can't pick my favorite moment.  

Every time I go to a Mraz concert, I leave feeling emotionally refreshed and let me tell you, if I ever needed emotional refreshment, I needed it now.  With the big move quickly approaching, I was feeling overwhelmed, overextended, and generally over it.  But I got some of the best advice I've ever heard... and I won't worry my life away.  No no no, not today.


Felanie Melanie said...

Oh Head...I am having one heck of a time over here...thanks for this post and he is so right...I shouldnt worry my life away...much love to you :)!

Grover Thomas Jr. said...

Thanks for your comment and for letting us have her back. Good luck with your return.


Muz and Mo said...

Ahhhhh sounds GREAT! We're jealous:)